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"What language do you know except for English?"

Translation:Какой язык ты знаешь кроме английского?

November 19, 2015



I think "other than" is a much better translation for "кроме" and it would make the sentence sound better too


As a native speaker of English, I agree.

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Completely agree. Besides ..., apart from ... , other than ... - but not "except" or "except for". The only time you can use except in a similar sentence would be something like "You can't speak any language except English".


"вы знаете" is also correct


This entire lesson needs to be updated by the course editors. I am being consistently marked incorrect for omitting pronouns where they are not needed. For example, "Какой язык знаешь кроме английского?" was marked incorrect. Very happy to have Russian on Duolingo though. Hope to see more integration of Cyrillic in the future. :)


I can't speak to the pronouns as I'm just learning but I'm curious about your "integration of Cyrillic" comment. You posted this a while ago so maybe you've figured it out by now, but in case someone hasn't:

You can toggle the use of Cyrillic/transliteration using the little Aa\Яя button at the top of the lesson screen.


Yep, figured it out! :D

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