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  5. "Одно окно — это мало."

"Одно окно это мало."

Translation:One window is not much.

November 19, 2015



So is this saying one window is not enough, or that one of the windows is tiny? Because I put 'one window is little' (as in, there's several windows here but one of them is tiny) and it said it was correct.



one window is not enough

"one window is little" would be "одно окно́ — маленькое" (nominative) or "одно из о́кон — маленькое" (genitive)


I think "One window is few" would be correct as well, perhaps even moreso.


I agree. I suspect that this was written by a non-native speaker that didn't realize the difference between "few" (meaning too little) and "a few" (meaning several).

All in all, I prefer that the native Russian speakers make this course rather than the native English speakers, and this would be a difficult distinction for people used to a language with no articles, so I can't complain overly much.


Actually, the difference between "a few" and "few", "a little" and "little" is taught at school, as it is found in pretty much every textbook I've seen. Still, there are some learners with Russian as their native language who ignore the difference.

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