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  5. "Хочу миску супа или риса."

"Хочу миску супа или риса."

Translation:I want a bowl of soup or rice.

November 19, 2015



Why is я not necessary in this example?


A few common verbs of thinking are sometimes used without the first or second person pronoun. Still, I was sure I deleted this sentences. I hope we get this issue sorted out soon, since the ghost sentences have started to become pretty annoying.

[deactivated user]

    The sentences where you leave the pronouns out are pretty annoying and don't really serve a purpose other than to frustrate the user without devoting an explanation to it (I have yet to run into one, any way)


    You are not supposed to see them a lot at the beginning of the course. Думать is the verb I think we use with and without a pronoun when expressing an opinion. Можете, as used in "Phrases 2" also has no pronoun in its sentences for obvious reasons.

    [deactivated user]

      I had a feeling that would be the case and it is probably because I always end my language courses with a "strengthen skills" which must throw in courses I haven't had yet.


      When the personal pronoun is not present, could you mark it in parentheses in the hints?


      No, the hints are universal.


      I see, thanks.


      I think, DUolingo is going to fix this bug eventually.


      Still here. Can someone confirm this:

      • No personal pronoun because you can leave it out with "want" (like "may")

      • Bowl is in accusative because it is the direct object of the verb want.

      • Soup and rice are in the genitive because it is a quantity of these (a "bowl" amount. Like a "cup" amount of tea.)


      I wish cases were written in all these example. миску = accusative супа или риса = genitive is that right ?

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