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  5. "Це дуже цікава книга."

"Це дуже цікава книга."

Translation:It is a very interesting book.

November 19, 2015



Croatian has a similar word: Knjiga(book) ! Forgive me if the spelling is wrong...


Книга (and its variations) is a pan-Slavic word, if not pan-Eurasian. It has (possible) cognates in Indo-European, Uralic, Semitic, Turkic and even in Chinese languages ;) In English, for example, a cognate of книга is "nick" \< PIE *kneygʷʰ-, the predecessor of runic and literal writing systems. On this account, Croatian doesn't have a "similar" word - it has the same word but with a different pronunciation, intrinsic to Croats.

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