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"Bogen er tilgængelig tysk og fransk."

Translation:The book is available in German and French.

November 19, 2015



describing Assimil for Danish


Difference between tilgængelig and ledig ?


As I understand it:

tilgængelig => available as in 'accessible'. One can find these books in German and French; they're in print.

ledig => available as in 'free' or 'vacant'. Swapping ledig into this sentence would mean that both the German and French versions are in stock and can be taken out.


This is funny, because "ledig" in German also means something like available, but only referring to persons who have not been married yet.


Etymology for tilgængelig, this word seems impossible to learn atm.


I can explain the German counterpart, "zugänglich" (the two are obviously very closely related): It's basically "to-go-able", meaning you can get to it, I think the Danish means exactly the same

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