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Catalan is available !

You can now learn Catalan on Duolingo (For the people who speak Spanish) Enjoy ! It is always a pleasure to see a language out of the incubator !

November 19, 2015



What a great gift for day 450 of my streak.


That catalan flag looks awesome!


I admit, I'm totally planning to struggle through a couple of lessons (my Spanish stinks) purely because the Catalan flag is so pretty... silly, I know!


I've started, and let me tell you... I can already feel my Spanish improving as well. And it's definitely worth the stripes in your flair!


I did the first two lessons of the first skill. I will definitely do more because pretty 3 my Spanish mostly stinks because I'm not that interested in learning it so I tested out then stopped ;) Lemme tell ya, those two lessons were challenging 8-o but I have more interesting in learning Catalan than most Romance languages so I will be attempting to at least scrape to level two... but probably after I've finished the Russian tree. Russian at 3am when I can't sleep I can deal with. A language I know two words of via a language I barely know... not so much! 8-o LOL :D

[deactivated user]

    Indeed, I was planing to wait until I hit B2 before I started, but that swiftly became impossible, so I improved my Spanish and Catalan at the same time.


    There's now a new available place in the incubator - Any bets as to what it'll be? I'm hoping Finnish.


    I'm thinking Indonesian- the reverse course has out of beta for a while and various contributors have said that it's coming.


    A place was opened in the Incubator when the English for Korean course graduated as well. So technically we have two openings. And if Polish releases soon? That will make three. But I wouldn't think of it as "This course finishes so now we have an open slot" the Duolingo team can wait quite a while before releasing a few courses or only release one new one or whatever. It is up to them and how they want to allocate their resources.


    When EN←KO graduated, it wasn't a spot in the incubator, but in the beta. Which was then quickly taken by Catalan.


    Not too long ago it looked like the max number for Phase 1 course was 25, but then pretty soon there were 30, so I don't think the number of spots is a fixed number. Hopefully it will keep increasing as the incubator technology keeps improving.


    I hope we reach like 100 after a year or two.


    It's apparently Russian for Turkish.


    I got so excited that I had to try it although I neither speak Spanish nor Catalan. :D Now I hope that a Catalan for English speakers course becomes available soon! ^_^


    ¡Muchas gracias! a doktorkampi para crear el curso, ya todos los otros colaboradores de su arduo trabajo.


    ¡Gracias! El mérito es de todo el equipo. Disfrutad del curso (y escribid todos los comentarios posibles para que lo mejoremos).


    I'll start learning it now, thanks!


    Is it? Where did you get that info? :o

    EDIT, 10 minutes after I posted: ¡Estoy en el curso! :)))))


    Around 5 minutes ago I managed to get in the course... I was afraid it could be a bait post hahaha

    muchas gracias :D


    That's why you always gotta check the information for yourself :) De nada :)


    I hope you're right, because I don't really want to spend all night refreshing the course page!

    (edit) And it's racing time!


    Excellent! Well done Team Catalan, passing and then beating Teams Polish and German-from-Turkish to the finish (beta) line!

    I will have to try this out over the weekend.


    I always love a good romance language.




    I signed up and took the first lesson. What is Catalan?


    Catalan is a language spoken in Catalonia, an autonomous region of Spain that's trying to become, instead of an autonomous region, it's own country that's part of the EU.


    It is spoken in many more places: Spain (Catalonia, Valencian Community, Balearic Islands, La Franja, El Carche), France (Northern Catalonia - the Pyrenées-Orientales department), Andorra (the little country of the Pyrenees where it is the sole official language) and Italy (in the Sardinian city of L'Alguer).


    Looks like I am going to have to pay a visit to Wikipedia.

    [deactivated user]

      It is, as you have almost certainly noticed, a romance language. It is sort of half way in between French and Spanish. Under the rule of Francisco Franco, speaking Catalan, along with Basque, Aragonese and others, was illegal. Franco insisted that it is merely a debased dialect of Spanish, which is simply false.


      Finally! I just hope my Spanish is good enough haha!


      when it will be available for english speakers?


      The audio quality is very bad, will that be fixed?


      adiu! estem mirant d'impulsar el curs de catala per a francesos, hi ha alguna manera de contactar amb gent de l'equip de català per a espanyol que ens puguin explicar els intringuilis i complicacions, passos a seguir i dificultats que s'han seguit per a poder obrir el curs?

      moltes gràcies


      It would be amazing if Catalan had lessons in English. But I made a separate account to learn Catalan :)

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