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  5. "What music do you have?"

"What music do you have?"

Translation:Какая музыка у вас есть?

November 20, 2015



When the question is "What music do you have", I suppose the inquirer knows the person has a music, but doesn't know what music it is. So, as long as I guess the existence of the music is not on debate, but just what music (or what kind), so I wrote: Какая музыка у тебя", omitting the "есть", but I got it wrong.


I thought the same, and also got it wrong. But from another exercise I learned a different word order: Какая у тебя музыка and this is accepted here


Can someone please respond to this? Several of us got it wrong for this reason. Is it really wrong?


Wrote the same- it's correct now. (September 2019)


same happened to me.


Какая у тебя музыка? - It sounds natural in Russian in case you talk to a buddy. Какая у вас есть музыка? Какая музыка у вас есть? - It's a formal way to say the same.


Why do we not use что? Just is какая used in a "what type" situation?


I think что is a stand-alone interrogative pronoun, --(what is your question?) --as opposed to one being used as an adjective --(what questions do you have?)-- Like "was?" versus "welche(r)/welch(es)" in German or "que" versus "cual(es)" in Spanish...


Что is okay with the type situation. - Это у тебя (у вас) что за музыка? - It's a natural Russian.


"Это" is a common word in daily Russian conversation.


Do you always need to use есть in a question?


Non native, but I've spent a lot of time with teachers/tutors/friends on this question. The emphasis here is on the person HAVING music. When the emphasis is on having something vs the quality of something, you tend to use есть. For example:

Does he have eyes? (weird, but bare with me) У него есть глаза?

Есть is used here because the paid is on having eyes versus...

Does he have blue eyes? У него ГОЛУБЫЕ глаза?

The emphasis here is on the quality (blue) of the eyes with the underlying assumption he already has eyes, but we want to know if they are blue.

So I guess this sentence would sort of be like, "What kind of music, if any, do you have?" Question about the direct quality of music would be more like "do you have rock music?

Of course this is still general and it is possible to still use есть in this case if emphasizing that you have a quality that was asked about.


Who here has blue eyes? (in general) У кого-нибудь здесь голубые глаза?

Who here has blue eyes? (as in the ones ive been asking about, I'm searching for, or that we just talked about, etc) У кого-нибудь ЕСТЬ здесь голубые глаза?

of course, an excited person who puts up and says...

I HAVE blue eyes. У меня есть голубые глаза.


*because the emphasis is on having eyes

Sorry, I'm using my phone and can't edit my comment


The only time I've heard it dropped is saying "А у вас?" or "А у тебя?" Though I suspect there are other places where the verb can be inferred... Just not in an out-of-context statement on duolingo.

Example: - Как дела? - Неплохо, а у тебя?


As for my understanding, it would be even wrong to put a ест in that example phrase. I see it as "How are things with you?" "Fine . And with you?" У taking the place of "with". No verb involved. I think "А у вас ест?" would rather be a more appropriate question to a situation like "I have a four of aces. And [what do] you have..?" A question emphasizing what the inquired has as opposed to somebody else.


What is the reasoning behind that indeed?


У вас есть машина? - Do you have a car? And now without the Есть: У вас машина?! - The questioner is surprised that you have a car. - Oh, you have a car!


What is wrong with the sentence "У тебя есть какая музыка"?

[deactivated user]

    We almost always put the question word in the beginning, so this sentence sounds unnatural.


    Aaah, ok! Спасибо! Obrigado!

    [deactivated user]

      Не за что! De nada! :D


      You can say: У тебя (У вас) какая есть музыка? - It sounds more friendly.


      "У тебя вкусная музыка?"

      I myself don't, but the owner of that Youtube video of a tortilla being played sure does.


      That's a publicity stunt.


      i think есть is used to emphasize the question


      How do I transliterate есть? I have tried est and est'. (Please don't just tell me to type in Cyrillic. Until I learn touch typing it, hunting blindly for the letters is an extreme waste of my time.)


      It seems to accept both Какая музыка у вас есть? and Какая у вас есть музыка? Which of the two is more common? Or do they convey different nuances?


      The second option is more friendly.


      is it the case that if a word ends in a vowel followed by a word starting with a vowel - the first one is dropped? - because that is how the audio sounds


      why какая? Какая is not an adjective.....


      Yes it is. It's in the feminine nominative to agree with музыка.


      Thank you but I still can't see how Kakaяa is an adjective. As an adjective describes or modifies a noun and in any case Какая describes or modifies. What is an adverb or pronoun in English isn't it?


      “What” in this sentence means the same as “what kind of” – which asks for a description (usually coming in the form of an adjective). So you could say it’s an interrogative pro-adjective (analogous to how an interrogative pro-noun like “who” would ask for a noun).


      How to write есть in our letters? I tried everything

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