"Я не верю, что мы после смерти становятся привидениями."

Translation:I don't believe that after death we become ghosts.

November 20, 2015

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Why is it становятся in this sentence with мы as the subject? I've been staring and staring and can't figure it out. I can't actually remember (it's late!) what I'd expect it to conjugate as for мы but становятся looks like third person plural. And so then I'm wondering if I've misread the subject, or if I seriously need to revise the conjugation of that verb or... insert other mistake here. I'm confused!


Yes, you're correct! "Становятся" is third person plural; there was definitely a mistake in this sentence. I fixed it now :)


Oh good, then I'm not going nuts! Thanks for sorting it out :D


I checked the conjugations on wiktionary and it seems this is a complete misspelling, in the ending anyway. It should be "мы становимся" or "мы будем становиться" for the future (if the future tense fits here)


Становимся would've been my best guess, too, based on what it means, etc, but it's late here so I kind of don't feel confident in figuring out if it's me or if it's the sentence. Am kinda glad to know it's possibly not just me being dim, though! ;) It's bugging me!

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