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"The child sees mother and father."

Translation:Ребёнок видит маму и папу.

November 20, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Isn't it necessary for there to be этот so that it is the child and not a child? Or not specifying anything can mean both?


    "Ребёнок" could be either "a child" or "the child".

    If you want to say "этот ребёнок", then that would translate to "this child" or "that child".

    [deactivated user]

      >"Ребёнок" could be either "a child" or "the child".

      Ok. Is this applied everywhere, or are there cases where it can only be "a" or it can only be "the"?


      Generally, when different word orders are possible, the sentence roughly begins with "stuff you are talking about" and ends with "what you have to say about these things", so it is safe to assume that in "Том — ребёнок" it is "a child" and in "Ребёнок уже дома" it is "the child".


      Shouldn't that be "The child sees its mother and father" or have "mother" and "father" capitalized?

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