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Tip: shortcuts to change between Russian and English keyboard quickly

[deactivated user]

    If you're using Windows 10 (not sure about other versions), Windows button + space changes between languages, and Windows button + ctrl + space changes between the previously used languages. This is especially useful when I'm doing a timed practice, where I have no time to move my mouse to change the language!

    This is useful particularly for people who have many keyboards on the desktop, where takes time to go through all the languages with Shift + Alt

    November 20, 2015



    You can also set a specific key code for each language (useful if you have many). Back when I didn't use a mac, I always set mine to ctrl + shift + 1, ctrl + shift + 2, etc. That way I didn't have to go through each language to get to the one I wanted. Go into Regional and Language settings-->Keyboard to add your languages and set their shortcuts.


    Yes, this is very useful.

    I just have one shortcut, to go back to the beginning (the keyboard I use most often), but even that is really handy.


    Yes, this is very handy. Mine are set up so that the numbers are on the right hand (in the top row), and I use CTRL on the left. Other combinations were causing joint problems w/ my left thumb from switching keyboards so often.


    I have it set to alt + cmd + space on my mac. Works well. Only that now I usually unintentionally change the keyboard before accessing the search (cmd + space on the mac).

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