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"У папы нет ни утки, ни кошки."

Translation:Dad has neither duck nor cat.

November 20, 2015



"Father has neither a duck nor a cat."

Is this correct?


Still not accepted :/ Kinda strange when other sentences you get wrong if you DON'T add the "a" to each. :(


To be clear, "Dad has neither duck nor cat" is simply horrible English


(In most contexts)


I think they might not want Father because it's too formal?


I used "Dad", still wrong. The translation sounds very unnatural in English. Almost like we're talking about food. "Dad has neither duck nor beef"


Father is accepted on one of the alternate translations.

I think this is just one of those sentences they're going to be playing catch-up with for a very long time since there are a dozen ways I can think to say this in English which are all equally valid translations for the Russian sentence given.

Really wish the main English translation wasn't such awful English though.


I usually use отец for father and папа for dad.


Funny, still not accepted.


It is. Report it if not accepted


"Dad has neither a duck nor a cat" is still not accepted as of 30.08.2017.

DL could learn a bit from Shakespeare. Hamlet, Act I, Scene 3 (Polonius to Laertes): "Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and friend."

As nearly every sixth or seventh grader is taught in middle school, the article "a" is not optional, although its omission is frequently forgiven.


"Dad has neither a duck nor a cat." should also be accepted.


I feel like "dad does not have a duck nor a cat" should be accepted, but it wasn't accepted. Is this not an acceptable translation? It might be not be grammatically correct in English but I'm not sure.


It should be "A duck" in my opinioj because the connotation of just "duck" to me makes it seem like food, and so when its followed by "cat" it seems like dad doesn't have any cats to eat eather... :P


Dad doesn't have any ducks or cats


"Утка" and "кошка" are both in genitive case here.

For it to be translated to "Dad doesn't have any ducks or cats", the Russian sentence would have to be: "У папы нет ни уток, ни кошек."


Your explanation is very helpful, but I still think that 'Dad doesn't have any ducks or cats' is a logical English translation and should therefore be accepted. I reported it so I guess we'll see what the course writers think!


It is indeed, because English prefers plural for this context, whereas Russian – singular.


Would't it be more correct in plural in English unless you use articles?


Yes - a very typical English expression of this is "Dad has neither ducks nor cats" - no articles, with plurals. Where I come from, most people wouldn't be able to tell you afterwards if I said, "Dad doesn't have a duck or a cat" or what I said - they are just interchangeable. The developers here are trying to maintain a distinction in English which may be significant in Russian, but since it is not in English, I am on the side of this argument that it should be accepted.


Papa has neither duck nor cat should also work, but apparently papa is not used in English ;D


I put "papa" instead of "dad" why isn't it correct?


In English you could say neither duck nor cat.


Father does not have either ducks or cats


Dad has neither duck nor cat. The only context I can think of where this English phrasing makes any sense is referencing the consumption of cat or duck meat. Is eating cat common in Russia or something..?


The issue is that the English translation lacks the indefinite article twice: Dad has neither a duck nor a cat, but the Russian sentence here doesn't have that awkwardness. In case you are suffering from a cultural shock: In countries outside of the USA, it's pretty common to have large populations in the rural areas. They often have small farms. On such farms, it's common to have ducks and cats. Ducks lay eggs and provide meat, cats hunt down pest. ;P


This was a horrible sentence. It should have been correct whether you said Papa or dad it should have been able to allow the article a before duck and cat and realistically in English we would say he doesn't have a duck or cat and it would still mean the same thing


This sentence is so horrible it hurts.


Please fix this sentence, there are comments about it going back 2 years now.


This sentence has been fixed a long time ago, so the fact that this still shows up as the main translation is really beyond our control :(

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