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  5. "We worry about you."

"We worry about you."

Translation:Мы о тебе беспокоимся.

November 20, 2015



I understand that "Мы волнуемся за тебя." is not standard. In particular, I am referring to the use of за here. But I hear a lot of people say it and the fact that it comes pops up in the search engine leads me to believe I that either it is a colloquialism or perhaps it has a different meaning. Can somebody please clarify.


"Мы волнуемся за тебя." is the standard way to express responsibility. The formula is:

  • (pro)noun + verb + за + (pro)noun in accusative case

Further examples:

  • я волнуюсь за тебя (singular + present + за + singular) - I'm worried about you
  • мы боялись за вас (plural + past + за + plural) - we were afraid for you
  • эти люди будут отвечать за этих животных (plural + future + за + plural) - these people will be responsible for these animals

You can put the verb at the end:

  • я за тебя волнуюсь

There is another option to say that using the prepositional case:

  • я о тебе беспокоюсь


should the second example be "we were afraid for you" not "of you"?


Sorry, my mistake. Fixed.


I've never heard that it's not standard, looks just fine to me (and has the same meaning).


Why not мы беспоимся о вам?

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