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Vosotros en el Curso

¡Hola! Empecé el árbol de catalán hoy, y ya he visto unos ejemplos de vosotros/vosaltres en unas oraciones.

No soy un hispanohablante nativo, y en mis clases no se enseñaron el uso de vosotros y las conjugaciones que el pronombre tiene.

Mi pregunta es: ¿a cuál frecuencia occurre vosotros/vosaltres en el curso? Estoy preguntando para saber si el uso es tan frecuente que debo aprender los conjugaciones, o si éso no es una necesidad.

Estoy preguntando a ambos de las personas que crearon el curso y las que ya han hecho algún parte del árbol.

Muchísimas gracias/Moltíssimes gràcies!


November 20, 2015

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Sorry to answer in English, but Spanish is tough for me to write in.

I think the high frequency of the vosotros forms in the course is due to the fact that European Spanish is emphasized in the course because, presumably, Spaniards would be more likely to take on learning Catalan than Latin Americans, mainly for reasons of proximity (Catalan is spoken in a large section of Spain, obviously).

Therefore I imagine that the Spanish part of the course will continue to strongly favor the European variety, and thus the vosotros forms are likely to continue to appear.

However, if I recall correctly, Team Catalan took on some Spanish speakers from Latin America to help develop the course and make sure that it could serve all Spanish speakers. I'm sure someone with more details will elaborate later.

Like you, I didn't really learn these forms over the years, beyond learning that they existed in Spain and how to recognize them.

I guess that's our bonus lesson for learning Catalan — the Spanish vosotros!

Have fun with your language adventures!


Bonus skill will be related to catalan something, probably dialects.

We will accept as soon as possible 'ustedes' in all the sentences, please give us time to understand the report system :D thanks for the explanation


I just tried this - translating "vosaltres dormiu" to "ustedes duermen", and it worked. Makes sense - as a Spanish speaker, even a Latin American one, you should be able to recognize the vosotros forms and know what they mean, but shouldn't have to produce them to be correct. Gràcies!


xavi_fr... are you planing to add the "ustedes"-forms? I'm actually having to many problems with the pronoun "vosotros"!


I'm sorry for it, we didn't use ustedes-forms when creating the course, that's the risk of going to fast. But at least you can enjoy the course before. Just be patient, after 1'5 days we are far from having all the correct answers :D


No worries about using English; it's my native language. And thank you for your insights!


Yes, I see that you are an Oregonian, as am I!


I'm going through the same process, learning some of the irregular Spanish vosotros conjugations that I wasn't familiar with in order to respond correctly to the Catalan course. Still, I think it would be appropriate for "ustedes" answers to be accepted throughout.


If you report them when you fail that would be easier for us, to detect which sentences are still not complete with ustedes forms :D

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