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Thank you so much for adding Russian!!! Feedback:

Been using Rosetta stone forever, but there are limitations, namely I wanted to be able to hover over the word and it tell me what it is without having to type it into google translate. This does just that!! I think this is excellent to use in conjunction with Rosetta stone.

Only thing, I am disappointed there are no speaking sections, and disappointed I have to transliterate everything. I hope this will be improved in the future with an on-screen keyboard and more fun things without so much typing. I want to do more clicking and talking, not all writing.

That said, it is very useful, it is filling in some blanks that I didn't catch from rosetta stone; but it is a bit tedious to type so much!!

November 20, 2015



Up by the progress bar there should be a little circle that says Aa or something like that. Press that and you'll get Cyrillic. You will have to install your own Russian keyboard though.

Some people are getting speaking sections... I am one of the unlucky ones that aren't. But I've been on the lucky side of some A/B tests before so it all works out... although I think that not getting speaking is a bug and not an A/B test.


The good news is that there are speaking sections, you don't have to translate everything and so there isn't so much typing. The bad news is that I don't have time to look up all of that stuff for you. Remember this is a beta, so things aren't working perfectly at the moment. Try going into Russian using the website rather than the application; maybe that will give you the speaking sections. I get speaking all the time so I know that it works for sure, and many other people do as well, But some people don't and we don't really understand, or at least I don't, why no.

There is something that you push at the beginning that makes everything go into Russian.

Depending on whether you're using a phone or a PC or a tablet to take this course, you should have a pop-up Russian keyboard available. For my tablet and my android phone I'm using a wonderful keyboard called MessagEase.

So there's hope and everything should work out well for you. I hope that you get all the help that you need soon!

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