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  5. "Hello, thanks!"

"Hello, thanks!"

Translation:Merhaba, teşekkürler!

November 20, 2015



what is the difference between ü and u, when it comes to the pronunciation matter ?


More or less the same as in German.

u is /u/ -- a back vowel made with rounded lips.

ü is /y/ -- a front vowel made with rounded lips. The tongue is in the position to make an /i/ sound but the lips are rounded (as for /u/).


What's the difference between Teşekkür and Teşekkürler?


The difference is thanks and thank you


Maybe I am not sure


Plural and single of the noun as Thank and Many thanks


Of course, "merhaba" (مرحبا) is in Arabic too, as a "secular" alternative to "Salaam alaykum," especially in what used to be "Ash-shaam." Now this student asks: did the Arabs borrow this from the Turks or vice-versa?


If in doubt, it's nearly always Turkish that borrowed from Persian or Arabic, not the other way around.

In this case also, merhaba is borrowed into Turkish from Arabic.


Thanks. This reminds me how one old desi* roommate of mine from med school days used to be so surprised by the number of "Urdu" words he saw showing up in the Qur'an. It took quite a while for us to set him straight.

*Desi: The name that many people of Indian and Pakistani origin use to identify themselves in the USA.

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