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"De leser boken for jentas skyld."

Translation:They are reading the book for the girl's sake.

November 20, 2015



I don't understand meaning of this sentence (even in English) . When someone should say this sentence?


if parents are reading a book to their daughter but hate it because they've read it 100 times already, but since she is young and wants to hear it again and she is their daughter: they are reading the book for the girl's sake. (For example)


I still wouldn't say it's for "her sake." I would say "because she wants it" or something else. For me "for her sake" seems like "the devil will come and possess her if we don't read this book", with a bit of exaggeration.


I don't think the devil has to be involved. For someone's sake: to help somebody or because you like somebody


Griffindd, hat down for your comment! I would definitely have no patience to write it. ;)

[deactivated user]

    They are reading for the saké :-)


    Also, I would read lots of things for saké.


    It's saying the same thing, only not how we might say it in modern American English, we just typically put things less eloquently.

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