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Problem with the Russian level test

I just completed the Russian test of my language level and got around 95% of the answers correct but at the end of the test I was given a '0'.

November 20, 2015



I took the test yesterday and I noticed that even though a green banner appeared at the bottom of the screen, it only said "Answer submitted successfully." I don't think it provides any feedback about which individual answers were correct or wrong.


It was more than that for me. At the end of the test I was told that I had failed to pass any of the tests, or something like that.


Thanks, I don't remember what was displayed at the bottom of the screen after my answers but my Russian is at intermediate level and I'm positive I didn't score '0' on such a simple test ;) I only took the test to jump ahead to my level.


Do you mean the progress test (costs 25 Lingots) or the placement test?


Placement test. I didn't even know there was a progress test. I just tried the Russian Duolingo for the first time.


Okay - I ask only because the placement test tells you if you're wrong or not, whereas the progress test doesn't.

If you got mostly green/correct responses to your translations but still didn't test out of anything, that suggests to me you have a bug and maybe need to go post about it in the technical support forum.

If you didn't pay attention to that, then it may simply be you didn't do as well as you thought.

Bear in mind that this course is still in beta, and not every translation that could be technically correct is accepted, and also that they're teaching as far as possible neutral word order etc in Russian for any given sentence, so you may have missed some fine details.

(If you have a translation you believe should be accepted but isn't, you can report it, and if the team agrees they will add your translation to the acceptable list.)

If you're not sure either way and want to give it another chance, you can go into settings/learning language/delete or reset, where you will be given the option to delete the language entirely. If you do that, then you'll go back to the course page and start again, and it'll give you the option to take the placement test again.

Bear in mind that some people tested out of no skills/fewer than they hoped despite high preexisting levels of Russian because of small errors or translations which aren't yet accepted.

Also, as I understand it, you only test out to the level where you were mostly getting stuff right; for example, when I tried to test out in German, I got all the number questions and the relative questions right, because I remembered those, but because those skills were further down the tree, I still didn't test out of anything, because I was weak up the top. When I got to those skills, I just tested out of them individually.

If you get 'according to the journalist, the president made a good decision' right but manage to flub 'here's my backpack' because you used здесь instead of вот, you are unlikely to test out of the political skill because as far as Duolingo is concerned, you messed up the basics.

If in doubt, delete and retest, and pay attention to what Duolingo says you got wrong. If you get mostly green/correct but you still don't test out of anything, then it's probably a good idea at that point to got to the troubleshooting forum. The test is only about five minutes long, so it's probably worth redoing so you either know what went wrong or can tell the technical bods you did it twice and there's definitely an issue.

HTH somewhat. Удачи!


Thanks, I remember that at least some of the answers were marked as right or wrong, so then it must have been the placement test.


It's probably worth taking another go at it, then, and if you keep track of what you're marked right or wrong on, you can either go, okay, I guess I didn't do as well as I thought (but at least it's possible to test out of individual skills), or you can then go to troubleshooting with a concrete complaint and the knowledge you tried twice and it's a problem on their end, not yours :)


I had this same issue. I didn't even test out of the alphabet! I plan to retake it tomorrow.


I just did the russian placement test as well. I do already speek russian at a level of B1 or B2, but want to improve my skills. But in the end of the test I got the result: You didn't test out of any skills. :(( So won't continue learning russian with duolingo, since Ireally don't want to start with the alphabet!

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