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  5. "Где озеро?"

"Где озеро?"

Translation:Where is the lake?

November 20, 2015



I'm really not sure how we're supposed to differentiate between the audio for "Где озеро?" and "Где озёра?".

[deactivated user]

    By stress (first syllable of о́зеро, second syllable of озёра) and pronounciation of е/ё: о́зеро /'ozʲɪrə/, озёра /ɐ'zʲorə/ (in Cyrillic transcription, [о́з’ьръ] and [ʌз’о́ръ] respectively).


    Why is this in plurals?

    [deactivated user]

      No idea — it's definitely singular.


      Perhaps to ensure students are able to differentiate between the plural and singular forms. I know I accidentally put "Where are the lakes?" for this one.


      It is probably because the purpose of this lesson is to make sure you can distinguish singular words from plurals, and you know how to use them correctly.


      New vocabulary is found in each skill section. Lake is a new vocabulary word, but don't worry - lakes also appears in this section.


      That's what Stanley Yelnats from Holes wants to know.


      Has the lake escaped again?


      Hi guys I love Duolingo


      Maybe they have lots of lakes like Minnesota.


      Once we've found the lake we'll need to know how to ask "How's the fishing here?" in Russian!


      Since 'where is the lake?' wrong, then how does one say 'where is the lake?' in Russian? Or is duolinog at fault here?


      I'd like someone to help me understand the "е", sometimes its pronounced YE or in ë case YO , but other times its just an straight forward E, how can i differentiate when to use each pronounciation?


      Why does the bot pronounce it like someone's holding down alt and resting their finger on F4


      The audio distinctly says an "a" sound at the end of "ozero", however many times you listen.

      [deactivated user]

        This is the standard pronunciation.

        О is only distinguishable from А when it's stressed. Here, the first О is stressed: о́зеро /'ozʲɪrə/ so it's distinguishable.

        When О is not stressed, it is pronounced as something in-between О and А, but closer to А (we mark this sound /ə/ or /ɐ/ in IPA transcription, [ъ] or [ʌ] in Cyrillic transcription).


        Thank you! That helps, but I'm afraid my ears are finding it very difficult to pick up the Russian sounds.


        I wanna know how do Russians read озера then? Even though there are no words like that in Russian


        Is it just me or does the spoken phrase have an L sound between где and озеро?


        This phrase doesn't have to be in PLURALS COURSE


        It sort of make sense that this would be in plurals for the reason ptoro said.

        What I can't figure out is why I'm seeing it in Verbs of Motion...


        Probably there are sentences of location mixed in with sentences of motion to help you see the difference.


        So o is pronounced as a but only sometimes and like an a mixed with an o but only sometimes. But never like an o. Wtf


        Once again my answer is spelled exactly like the answer given by you

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