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  5. "Наш гость уже здесь."

"Наш гость уже здесь."

Translation:Our guest is already here.

November 20, 2015



This definitely sounds like the kind of thing most often uttered by an evil overlord in the depths of a secret underground base.


Oh, I see our "guest" is already here. I was wondering when you'd arrive.

  • Evil cackling *


Гост is masculine is my language, and Гость is feminine in Russian. I can already see making this mistake all the time

[deactivated user]

    Го́сть is actually masculine. The feminine form would be го́стья.

    When noun ends in a soft consonant, it can be either feminine or masculine, you can’t tell by its form.


    Though in this case, you can tell it's masculine by the possessive pronoun


    What is the difference between здесь and вот?


    Well, they have somewhat related, but still rather quite different meanings.

    Вот means something like "there you go" , it's not as much related to location, but it's something I am giving you or just showing the thing which is right there.

    Здесь simply means "here" (as opposed to тут , which means "right here, right in front of us")

    Hope this helps :-)


    What if our guest is a woman? Will we say "Наша гост уже здесь" then?


    Наша гостья уже здесь.


    Having a few issues pronouncing 'уже здес'. Can anyone shed any light on why it sounds different to if you break up the sentence individually?

    Thanks! Tom


    гость (gostʹ) [ɡosʲtʲ] m anim (genitive го́стя, nominative plural го́сти, genitive plural госте́й, feminine го́стья) "guest, visitor; merchant (obsolete)" From Proto-Slavic *gostь, Proto-Indo-European *gʰóstis, possibly from *gʰes- (“to eat”) +‎ *-tis. Cognates include English guest, host (both "one who receives" and "multitude"), hostile, hospital, hotel, hostel, all but the first via Latin.


    why not use наша or the other? why just наш, would anyone mind explain this to me?


    The noun гость is masculine so we must use the matching masculine pronoun, наш.


    Тотаlly said las. I just guessed it had to be наш.


    Says the girl as she looks away from the TV, her hands on it. Also гость sounds like ghost

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