"Dager og netter"

Translation:Days and nights

November 20, 2015



Is there a reason why netter has an 'e' rather than an 'a'?


En natt - natten - netter - nettene A night - the night - nights - the nights It could also be feminine: "Ei natt - natta - netter - nettene", but that would be more "dialect".


Wondering this too! Is it just irregular?


Yes, I believe that's exactly the case. And certainly not the only one. Like en tann / tenner (also irregular in English).


There seems to some regularity in the irregularity.

a – e is found for example in tann – tenner, and – ender, hand – hender, strand – strender, kraft – krefter, mann – menn, far – fedre.

o – ø is found in bok – bøker, bonde – bønder, fot – føtter, bror – brødre, mor – mødre.

e/å – æ seems to occur in words of one syllable ending in a vowel, for example tre – trær, kne – knær, tå – tær.

datter – døtre is completely irregular; the reason is that datter used to be dotter long ago (still is in Swedish).

If anybody knows about a complete list of Norwegian nouns with sound changes between singular/plural I'd be happy to hear about it.


Some days, some nights

Some live, some die

In the way of the samurai~


The lonely loner seems free his mind at night.


The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night


Days and nights we all have good and bad ones


Det har vært en hard dags natt


And i've been working like a dog


All I could see was a warrior with a bright "dagger" in one hand and a dark, star-filled "net" in the other. Lol it will certainly help me remember the phrase!

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