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"Direktøren beholdte nøglerne."

Translation:The director kept the keys.

November 20, 2015



Isn't "beholdte" wrong? According to Den Danske Ordbog, it should be "beholdt" http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=beholde


If I read it correctly, then the important point here is whether we are talking about the keys being kept by someone (in their possession) or if the keys are being kept in a specific location.

In this case the director is keeping the keys (meaning 1 in the link) and you should therefore use "beholdte".

If the director had decided to keep the keys at home (meaning 2 in the link), then it would have been "Direktøren beholdt nøglerne derhjemme".


Still wondering two years later...


the principal kept the keys?? isn´t it the same?


Not quite. Principal is specifically the director of a school, whereas direktør is any director or manager.


'the principal' is either "skoleinspektøren", "forstanderen" or "rektoren"


The director held the keys ! The key holder is the person who keeps the keys.


Why not held the keys? Kept and held are interchangeable in English anyway, they're both past tense ways of keeping hold of something.

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