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  5. "Hun må til byen for å danse."

"Hun til byen for å danse."

Translation:She has to go to the city to dance.

November 20, 2015



When can I omit the verb "gå"?


you can omit the verb if you don't need to specify how you're getting there. If you use then you are specifically walking, not going. In this sense is a bit of a false friend for English speakers.


Kan man bruker "drar" i stedet?


you could also say hun må dra til byen for å danse.


But we see quite a few examples here in Duo where "gå" is used as "going", but is obvious it is not referring to walking...


You can say: "Hun må gå til byen for å danse." However, she is not walking, she takes her car, or the bus.

I say: "Jeg har feber. Jeg må gå til legen." (I have a fever. I have to go to the doctor.)

I am not saying: "I have a fever. I have to walk to the doctor."


Can we say "Hun må til byen å danse" instead?


no. If you want to say "to" in the sense of "in order to" then å by itself is not enough.

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