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  5. "Вот моя лошадь, а вот твоя."

"Вот моя лошадь, а вот твоя."

Translation:Here is my horse, and here is yours.

November 20, 2015



What's the difference between the conjunction "AND" in russian: "и" x "а"?


"А" is used for contrasting things and can sometimes be translated to english as "but"


Is ваша the same as твоя just formal?


No, its also used when adressing more than one person


is there a word for a mare? or its just for both genders?


Лошадь is a general word for a horse.

Конь is also a general word, but since the word itself has a masculine gender it's usually used for male horses, but can be used as a general "horse" as well, especially in plural.
Also it's a name for a chess piece "a knight".

Жеребец is a stallion, a male horse.
Also it can be used to describe some men, something like "macho" or "woman-chaser".

Кобыла is a mare, a female horse.
Also it can be used to describe some women, something like "a robust woman", it's a rude term.

Кляча is a nag or jade (an old or worn-out horse).
Also it can be used to describe an old worn-out woman, it's a rude term.

Жеребёнок is a foal.


Are we talking about a female horse here? Just to be sure

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No, horse in general, which is feminine in Russian.


What about a male horse? Is it still лошадь?


Here is my horse and here you are  


I put" here is my horse and yours is here" and it was considered wrong... -_-

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