I have finally completely the Russian skills tree - I think it's the longest one I've managed to complete so far.

It was really fun! I liked the structure of it in general, the order in which things were introduced at some points confused me and then when I read the notes I was like, okay, this is more logical than my uni course was 8-o

I loved the mix of serious/useful sentences and silly ones (Вы должны выбрать: торт или смерть! made me laugh so hard I can't even tell you), and also in general I really liked how there was a mix of serious skills and ones that were smaller and kinda fun (like 'fleeting'), and then skills with an unusual mixture, for example history and fantasy; that was genius

So yeah! I really enjoyed it, it felt like great revision of so much stuff I'd forgotten plus there were some things I'm pretty sure I never learned, and overall it's been a great experience. I feel like gilding my tree and keeping it gold is going to be really good for my Russian, and if the notes further down the tree are anything to go by, I'm also looking forward to reviewing the grammar notes of the things I skipped.

Great job, Team Russian. And now I need to gather up all my wits and revise like a maniac so my tree is in good shape when Polish appears!

ETA: how cute and smart does Duo look in his Russian scarf?? <3

November 20, 2015


Вау, поздравляю! :) Русский курс и в правду великолепен. Отличная работа! :)

Пожалуйста :)

Awesome. I'm only at the first checkpoint. Way to go.

I did have a massive head start! Still a long tree, though, but definitely worth it. Hang on in there!

+35 lingots for that awesome review! now it encourages me to complete it faster! Спасибо! PD: Take those lingots and do the Russian test, share results.

Пожалуйста! It's a splendid course, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Actually, I feel like I owe you a thank you for prompting me to do the test, because I meant to once I'd finished the tree, and it was an unexpected success which has very much brightened my morning... I knew it was going well when it kept throwing sentences at me from the end of the tree, but I really didn't expect this;

say what now heyyyyy

Now, I'm 99.99% certain that 5/5 doesn't mean I got everything right, because there were a couple of things that were pure guesswork, and also I got 5/5 on the EO test when I hadn't even finished the tree - and I almost wish Duolingo would save a score of 5 for absolute perfection not missing a thing. However... I am of course very pleased to get 5 :D:D:D does happy dance

I wish I had kept track of when exactly I took the second progress test; I'm pretty sure it was not a whole two weeks ago. The first one was from when I hadn't even started the tree or done the placement test. I think the second was maybe around the third checkpoint?

I am so glad you did almost perfect! I'm still struggling with it, but anyways,congratulations! that's awesome! Keep your Russian studies!

PD: No, you don't owe me anything.

Well at least I owe you thanks, because I've been meaning to do the test again and it was a real boost!

Hang on in there, Russian is hard but it's a wonderful language and worth the work :D

Поздравляю! I'm getting close to the fourth checkpoint, but I've been trying to keep my tree healthy as I go along so perhaps I'm not too far behind.

Спасибо! I've done very little strengthening, I've mostly just ploughed on through, so your tree will probably be in better shape than mine currently is when you get to the bottom!

Congratulations for your achievement! I'm learning Turkish at the moment but I want to learn the Russian language as mad :) The only thing that keeps me away is that I don't know if I can bear learning two different languages simultaneously, given also the level of difficulty of the Cyrillic Alphabet.

Cyrillic isn't bad to learn, if you know both English and Greek alphabets many of the letters will be familiar to you already. It's not like Chinese.

Thanks for the clarification Theron. I knew that the Cyrillic script system is in part a child system of the Greek script but the Russian symbols seem so confusing to me at least for now. When I have more time I'll give it a shot for sure.

Take the Cyrillic letters a few at a time, practice them, and they will be no problem. You'll get constant practice doing the lessons, and soon the Cyrillic characters will be easy. You won't be struggling with them throughout the course; they'll only be difficult for you at the very, very beginning.

Thanks for your suggestions, slogger. And by the way, 697-days streak?? Jesus! You're the definition of persistence and everyday practice.

. . . or of slogging. :)

Enjoy Russian, it is a marvelous language.

I said to someone else the other day, Turkish entirely fried my brain - if you can cope with Turkish, I don't think you will find Russian too bad ;p I mean, some people claim Turkish is easier/easy full stop, but personally I was/am hopeless at it.

Cyrillic is intimidating to a lot of people, but I promise it's really not that hard. Arguably it's the easy and fun bit! ;) Like Theron says, it's way, way closer to the alphabet you're familiar with than say Chinese characters or the Japanese or Korean writing systems.

As I wrote to A_User below, from the links he provided I just noticed how close are the Greek and the Russian alphabet. As for the Turkish, personally I am very impressed with this language. It is very enjoyable to hear and write, even better than Greek, which is my native language. By the way, great streak, keep it going!

No need to repeat what Theron, flootzavut, and slogger already said, just that I agree with them. Also, I found these websites to be very useful. This and this.

Thanks for the links. They are very useful. Indeed, there are more similarities between Greek and Russian alphabet than I thought at first. I'll begin the language asap.

You're welcome! The similarities between Greek and Russian was one of the first things I noticed. :-)

Очень хорошо! I'm also just about done.

Have fun finishing :D

Congratulations :)


Damn, how do you finish the trees so fast? >.<


Thank you!

Well I haven't really done one tree from absolute scratch, which was Ukrainian, and I have a huge advantage there because of the Russian! I mean, the person who finished Turkish in three days, that's amazing!

Finished Turkish in three days? I'm speechless. (Not to mention envious)

Congratulations! :D

Congratulations! I will study Russian soon.

Wow congrats! (And I just got out of the egg lol)

How did it happen that I only just found this? Congratulations! Gratuluje! Um, I don't think I've reached that in Russian yet. I wonder how many of the people who have seen this are wondering what ETA means? :-)


I think there are a few ways to say it, I usually go with поздравляю, which means "I congratulate [you]", mostly because I like how it sounds. I... actually can't remember if it's even covered in the course 8-o but now you know.

And also спасибо :D

I suppose I could have looked at the other comment to find out. :-) Someone said it. And Добро пожаловать (according to Google Translate)!

Добро пожаловать usually pretty much means welcome, as in to a place. Now you have me wondering if there's a secondary meaning...

No, it means "welcome". :) (Never trust Google Translate! ;) )

"Пожалуйста" or "Не за что". "Не за что" is more informal. :)

"Пожалуйста" means both "please" and "you're welcome". :)

Пожалуйста is both please and you're welcome.

I don't trust Google Translate, but it was the best I had. Thanks! So what is "You're welcome"?

I thought "пожалуйста" was please? Anyway, Пожалуйста и не за что, flootzavut!

So I wasn't wrong! That's comforting that I actually remembered something right! :-) Thank you both.

Congratulations! :) Being an utter noob in Slavic languages, I've been saving my effort for Polish before attempting this one.

Thank you! I am really excited for Polish to come out :D Slavic languages are my favourite!

Another Polish learner! Yay!

Yes! One of many, I'm sure. Still trying to master (of course I mean 'approximate') pronunciation, before much else.

I know. I've been asking Stray for help, and I'm sure he'd be happy to help you as well. :-)

I'm sure I'd need it! Thanks for the pointer. :)

You're welcome. There's a few other native speakers around as well, if you can find them.

Поздравляю от всей души!

:D:D:D огромное спасибо!

молодец! (can I say it to a lady? :)

Yes, I believe so! Спасибо :D

Congratulations! The tree is so long so it would've been a lot of hard work. I started an hour after it was released but haven't gone through many skills because I was focusing on other trees. But now I plan to progress through it a lot quicker. Great to hear positive things about the course. I will also be learning Polish and hope to finish my German tree by then.

Спасибо и удачи!

I think it took me about twice as long as the Ukrainian tree, even though in theory I already spoke Russian (VERY rusty, but in there somewhere) and hadn't ever studied Ukrainian - it's long and thorough, I think the team did a great job!

Поздравляю вас! Because your icon has changed, I didn't recognize you at first. Russian scarf is very nice! There is no doubt you have many different scarfs :)

I have four now! Which reminds me, I really must go request it be added to the hall of fame...

Спасибо вам большое!

Congratulations! I started yesterday after finishing my french tree!

Have fun! :D and thanks!

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