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  5. "They cannot meet you today."

"They cannot meet you today."

Translation:De kan ikke møte deg i dag.

November 20, 2015



Could somebody explain to me when I need to use 'du' en when 'deg'? I'm not really certain.


"Du" is the subject form, while "deg" is the object form.

"Du (subject) liker henne (object)".
"Hun (subject) liker deg (object)."


It can help to think about whether you would use 'I' or 'me' in the same context.

If you would say 'I', then the equivalent for 'you' is 'du'.

Eg: I am reading = jeg leser; you are reading = du leser

If you would say 'me' then the equivalent for 'you' is 'deg'.

Eg: they cannot meet me = de kan ikke møte meg; they cannot meet you = de kan ikke møte deg

It's confusing because in English there is only one form for 'you'.


I know we encounter the occasional compound word in Norwegian, but something doesn't look quite right here in the DuoLingo Android app...

You have an extra space: Dekanikkemøtedegidag


Lol, that's a new one! I'll report it to the devs.


How can we say it using the verb å treffe


"De kan ikke treffe deg i dag."


Which gets marked as correct. Thanks mods.

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