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January 8, 2013

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The popup translation says "grapes." Yet I was marked wrong when I translated "l'uva" as grapes.


That's because l'uva is not just "grapes". It's "the grapes" because of the "l'" part. l'uva.


l' uva --- the grape (as in you holding a branch of grapes) l' uve --- the grapes (as in you holding two or more branches of grapes). That is how I try to tackle the issue :).


Well plural sometimes ends with "e" when the lastletter of the word ends with "a" Like la ragazza and le ragazze So i think thats the case here (one brnah of graped and multiple branches)


That is odd I put in "grapes" and I got it right?!


is the v pronounced like a b?


No. In Spanish, a «v» is somewhat pronounced like an English "b" but not in Italian. The audio is just not exemplary.... When you see a «v» in Italian, it is pronounced as the English "v" and IPA [v].


No problem! Di niente. :)


I came here for the same question. I'm glad it has been answered now;)


Sounds like a 'b' to me. Not the first instance of either not-so-great recording, or the native speaker's intonation could be better.


I am really confused by this. It gives the translation of "l'uva" as "the grape." It was my impression that l'uva actually referred to "grapes" in a general sense, perhaps in the way that one talks about "fish" in English, and one only ever used the plural if talking about different types of grapes (such as the different kinds of grapes used to make wines, etc). To refer to what we'd think of as "the grape" in English, wouldn't one have to say something like "il chicco d'uva"? Either way, this question doesn't clarify much for me.


The Zanichelli Ragazzini Dizionario gives 'uva' as a plural, meaning 'grapes' 'Grape' (singular) is either 'acino' or 'chicco d'uva'. I think you will find that there is no such word as 'uve'.


L'uva is a singular group name, such as could be the team (la squadra), which is formed by several individuals.

Le uve is the plural and it is used if you have different types of grapes, like you use the teams if there are more than one.


Is l'uva plural or singular


So l'uva is the grape, what is the egg? I remember egg or something which was pretty close to this.


«l'uovo» is "the egg." Its plural, since it is strange, is «le uova».


'Uva' sounds like it could be involved in a derivation for the word 'wine'. Are the two words related? Perhaps in the original Latin?


Is there a dictionary or wordsearch in this app?


looking through all thecomments, everyone has had the same problem. even an Italian staying with us says that "the grapes" is not wrong. Can somone from Duo Lingo respond please.


Lol i said Luba and was correct


This is a lot esier if u know spanish


Whenever they say something they always cut off the end To me this sounded like L'uv


For some reason, the recordings for the Italian course like to whisper at the ends of the phrases/sentences


Why eveey italian words get definite article?


They do not always get a definite article. Duolingo teaches it to us like this so that we can memorize the gender of the words as we learn them.


Come on! I wrote grape and it was "wrong"


it is like she is saying luba


Is there a word for a singular grape?


Why is "the bunch of grapes" wrong?


Why when had I had to translate this to english, I entered "the grape" and it was wrong expecting "the grapes." Now when it gives me words to select for the translation it only gives me "grape" and not "grapes?"

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