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"Кому нравятся книги этого автора?"

Translation:Who likes the books by this author?

November 20, 2015



"who likes this author's books?"?


I have an unrelated question. When we hover above the words there is always a translation. It would also be nice for the case to be marked. Especially for a language such as Russian because the subjects and objects appear to be different than in western European grammar.

Is there a possibility this functionality could be added? And who do I send my suggestion to?


Good luck with that. I don't mean to be negative but we've been pleading to have the lesson hints that you see on the website e added to the app for Russian. They're in the app for other languages. Other languages also have cool features like dialogs that are not available for Russian. Russian is not a language getting much love from Duo.


нравятся or нравится?


Книга (a book) нравИтся, книги (books) нравЯтся


At last a clear explanation. Thanks


At least when spoken at conversational speed the difference between those two words is nearly indistinguishable.


Who likes books by this author? Seems like this should also be correct, no?

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