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  5. "Do you take a walk often?"

"Do you take a walk often?"

Translation:Ты часто гуляешь?

November 20, 2015



So what is the difference between "Ты часто гуляешь?"(which is listed as correct answer) and "Вы гуляете часто?" (which was not accepted).


the "вы гуляете часто" would be acceptable answer too I believe


Not accepted


Should be accepted. Also часто ты гуляешь? And гуляешь ты часто? It is a little different, but everything right. I think it is because nobody wants to help to the duo team to improve course. Thank you, guys


I thought word order was not so important...


Shouldn’t it be correct to say «Ты гуляешь часто» or «Вы гуляете часто»?


Does one really need the ты here?


No, you can just say "Часто гуляешь?", but I wouldn't start a new topic this way. I would rather use this sentence if walking was already mentioned in the conversation somehow.


any comments on proper word order?


Can I buy the english version of Duo russian?


Duolingo made is own mistake/correction of "вы" by "ты". That was epic


Better english: Do you often take a walk? Advice: All your lessons should be checked for better Englisch and more choices!!! Hans


'Do you take a walk often' sounds bizarre and improper. Should be 'do you often take walks' or 'do you go on walks often'. The former is like asking 'do you eat that apple often'; It does not make sense because it combines a singular noun (a walk) with a repeated action. You cannot eat that specific apple often. You can only eat it once.


"Take a walk" is a common idiomatic verbal phrase. You make a good point that frequently doing the same thing could use the plural and your example with apples is correct, but to take a walk can stand alone in the singular even if the action is repetitive. It is interesting that you mentioned "go on walks" which to me sounds odd as I would more likely say, "go for a walk." English can be so frustratingly flexible.

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