"Вот пицца."

Translation:Here is the pizza.

November 20, 2015

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I just put "Here is pizza" and it said that I needed an article. But technically since there are no articles in Russian shouldn't it be accepted with or without an article?


I'm not a native English speaker but I feel like this sounds unnatural - like you can say "here's some pizza" if you don't want to use an article, but not "here's pizza"...? Doesn't "here's girl" or "here's grapes" sound awkward to you either?

Either way, you cannot translate literally from your source language if you have to translate, who would understand me if I translated У него есть кошка to "There's a cat with him" just because that's what it says in Russian? :)


Unlike girl or grape, pizza is often used as an uncountable item though. I might not often say "here's pizza," but I'll say we're eating pizza. I could see myself saying "here are grapes," though. (pluralized correctly)


Ah, clear! Thanks for the info :D


I agree it sounds awkward if it's in the context of "Where is the pizza?" "Here's pizza" but how about if there's a pizza party and someone walks in with the pizza and enthusiastically says "Here's pizza!"


Yeah I was wondering if that was maybe the case. I could see "Here's pizza" being accepted in certain situations. Like if someone were at a buffet and looking for pizza you could say, "Here's pizza!" With the article is certainly more natural from a natural English standpoint though, true! Thanks for the feedback! :)


Even in that circumstance 'here is pizza' sounds odd, you would say 'hey, here's the pizza' or 'the pizza's over here'. Saying 'here is pizza' without including any prepositions or determiners just sounds like a totally random statement. Even if it is used in the correct context. :)


Say what? I'd certainly say "here's pizza" in all of these circumstances. Delivery arrives: you shout " here's pizza!" You have a pizza on the kitchen table; you point to it and exclaim: "here's pizza!" An article is definitely optional. Native speaker, northeastern USA.


I could say "Pizza's here!" in that situation.


I'm English so it might be a regional difference. We'd definitely stick your in there.


Phrases like, "Here's pizza," is fine in context of, for example, announcing the present of it. An example of this is bringing food to a party, and someone is trying to find some pizza. When the find it, they say, "Here's pizza!" They can just as easily say, "Here's the pizza!" to add emphasis on where the location of said pizza is. Or if you being pizza to a party, you can announce it and say, "Here's pizza!" And that'll be totally acceptable.

"Some" can work as an indefinite plural article in this case.

Phrases like, "Here's grapes," can work when spoken in the same context as above.

Phrases like, "Here's a girl," are different, as anouncing people/animated objects is different.


A LOT of context-dependant nuance is available here, all of which could impact how natural "here's pizza" sounds.

Let's say a new hungry guest shows up at a party, and they ask if there's any food. A mini tour for the new guest of the available foods might go something like this: "Ok, over here is the drink station - alcoholic beverages are in this corner here... Here are nut-free snacks.. here's pizza, here's ice cream... Huh, somebody should probably put they away before it melts... Oh! And Дима here can hook you up with some weed." Plenty of other variations would also sound perfectly reasonable in this mini tour. "Here's the pizza," "here's some pizza," "here's pizza" "here's what's left of the pizza," "here's a pizza," (and more) would all sound fine to me.


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yes, I thought I was the only one.


You guys constantly talking about pizza ...am i going to have one ! No patience now


My first language is English. I know a jumble of words from various languages. This is my first attempt with Russian. I should not like to say "here is girl" without the article. It would be rude. However, the contracture "here's grapes" or "here's pineapple" often are stated sans article. Could the key be an item is "pointed to," "belongs to, given over to" a person.


There are no such articles in Russian, but the correct translation is of course with the articles.


I put "Here is pizza" and it said it was fine :/ Huh


But when i wrote "here is pizza"... My ans got corrected


I put "Here is pizza" and it worked...


i wrote , - the pizza is here .... is it wrong? why ? ... Вот мама translation is- mama is here , then why this one above is wrong???


Was looking for that question .. can anyone explain, please?


Где? Я хочу пицца...


Сбасибо! Haven't gotten to the cases yet.


Denle lingots a esa cabrona! xD!


Team pizza!!


Talk about an underrated comment!


Пицца 2016!


By far the most important sentence


The way to a humans heart it's through his stomach they say. Duo tryna get to us guys!!!!! c:


So if we said "пицца вот" would it mean "the pizza is here" ?

And how can we say "here is the pizza"?

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It is usually Пицца здесь. You would use пицца вот if you are pointing at the pizza or giving it to someone on a plate.


here's pizza that i'm about to eat


Why not here is the pizza?

[deactivated user]

    here pizza, now give money


    Most romantic sentence in any language


    Anyone know of an easier way to switch to a Russian keyboard rather than the method suggested which involved converting your PC to Russian language and back again each time? I would rather use the Cyrillic alphabet when typing in if possible.


    For me in the bottom right of my PC (Windows) there's a shortcut to my language preferences, and in that menu I added all the languages I frequently use.

    So you just click the shortcut, add Russian in the menu and from then on you can quick-view your list of languages and select РУС whenever you need the Russian keyboard. There's also SHIFT + ALT which takes you through that list without having to use your cursor at all, so you can switch back and forth relatively quickly!


    In Windows 10, you can quickly and easily switch between any languages you have downloaded via Windows by pressing and holding the Windows key, then pressing the spacebar. - Make sure you go to Windows(Start)>Apps>Windows Ease of Access>On Screen Keyboard first to load it onto your screen. Since we need both English and Cyrillic keyboards for these lessons, this is probably the quickest way to switch between them.


    Ah I checked your trick, it works the same as SHIFT + ALT and it also works in Windows 8!


    Works in Windows 7 as well.


    This works in Linux too.


    Thanks for the reply. I'll give it a go.


    Use your phone and download the app swype. It gives you the possibility to switch between the different languages really fast


    I know your comment is old, but in case you are still unhappy with the suggestions or anyone else wants other options, I use http://translit.net/. You type in the English alphabet and it changes the letters to Cyrillic, and then you can just copy and paste your answers in Duolingo.


    It sounded like vote pizza


    It wont even let me hear it


    I got it wrong as I wrote HERE IS MY PIZZA! ISINT IT THE SAME


    Of course, any pizza is my pizza, so in that sense I guess it is the same. ;) The original sentence in Russian doesn't contain the word "my", so it doesn't specify who the pizza belongs to.


    Is B pronounced V?


    Why do I want to go to Russia? The pizza, of corse!


    I learned from a tutor that "here" is здесь (zdes') but from reading other comments this could be "what a pizza" with the right emphasis.


    Last time I put "The pizza is here." I get that it's technically the wrong order, but it seems to me the meaning is the same when you look at the whole sentence.


    i do not have a Russian Keyboard.For your pizza i typed BOT pizza.this happens on other occasions eg.TbI B

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    You should use actual transliteration to have any chance of it to work. Since pizza is spelt with Ц in Russian, it becomes pitstsa, I think.


    How would I say 'The pizza is here?' I can see how it differs from this phrase when speaking English (one is like an offering as you put the pizza on the table and the other a statement of the pizza arriving) so how would I differentiate in Russian?


    Here's the pizza I was told it's wrong Because of "Here's" instead of "Here is" - sorry, a bit ridiculous


    Don´t really wanna sound like an idiot here, but the instruction is clear- click the microphone and say......, but the moment I click the mic it says my answer was wrong without giving me a chance. I only came here to refresh my Russian, because I have forgotten a lot for since learning English I did not use it a lot and now I was trying to watch a movie and It kind of did not work out and I was really good.


    I have no Russian typo in my computer. So I can never type in Russian


    why "this is (a) pizza" is wrong? what if I am pointing on something? I can use Вот (ето) пицца ... so in Russian it is the same, isnt it?


    When I type what I hear then I type "Bot Pizza". My keyboard has no Cyrillic letters. Has anybody an idea how to type "Pizza" without being marked wrong?

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    Most likely, pitstsa. It is a transliteration, so if the work has two Ц's, it is double TS for you.


    Thank you so much Shady_arc!! I just tried it out - and it works! Now I am going on learning with even more motivation :D


    but also for "вот" you should write "Vot" instead of "Bot" , because cyrillic "В" is latin "V" letter


    i typed "vot pizza" - did not accept it i typed "bot pitza" - did not accept it

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    If you are using transliteration, it should be an honest transliteration. Ц is "ts", so пицца should become pitstsa.


    Could this also be translated to "Here is some pizza"?


    Would here is pizza work for this one? Because in English that's something you can say.


    I said it correct but i added


    Said it pretty much correct and still got it wrong...


    how do i transliterate the Russian word for pizza? i keep getting this one wrong

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    Oh my... I think it should be pitstsa. First, remember that the transliteration should be honest, i.e. the sounds from "pants" is "ts" even if English spells it with a Z. Second, it is letter for letter. Russian has a double ц in пицца, so it is ts+ts in the transliteration.


    Here is the pizza and it's all miiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnne


    I meant to say pizza but my fat fingers sUd lizay instead


    Here's the pizza"why wrong?


    Разве с пицца нужен определенный артикль?


    What's the difference between vot and eta?


    It should be 'here is a pizza' it can't be 'here is the pizza'


    I don't know where to request this. In other languages, if I type in the language I'm hearing but should have typed the translation in English, I get a warning so I can go back and translated it to English, but I don't get that warning here. I'm trying really hard to learn the cyrillic keyboard that I forget to check when I hear something, so I get it wrong. As a paying user, it doesn't mean that I get docked hearts, but it's very annoying. I don't know if anyone who sees this can do something. I can't report what an "other" is on this page, either.


    In swedish this means wet pizza


    i m saying pizza but the system is not accepting my answer


    The recording, both fast and slow, is saying "vavot pizza". I don't think this is correct, but I'm just learning. It's very confusing.

    How is this supposed to be pronounced? Is the В double-spoken?

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