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Translation Game !

Hi I want to start this translation game ! If one of you guys can mostly translate this song in English, then I will give you 60 lingots !

I will be the one to check the answers, as a native french speaker.

Good luck : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP0p5dMJXXE=10

November 20, 2015

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La fille blonde : whene I was a child , I take a speakers, cause i do the ortography fales

before checked me, there was no one i imagine null this guy of consonant

earlier I never saw a ????? crashed under a truck crane

(now i have google , now i have google , now i have google , google google google )

I am an unicorn with the magical powers (.......)

I am an unicorn witn a soyan mane(.....)


J'ai traduit cela seulement pour s'amuser un peu , bref j'ai aimé ce que fait ce groupe là !!! :) aussi j'ai aimé ce jeu ! merci


I give you some lingots because you tried to translate. Your french is very good :)


thank you for the lingots and for the game it is so amusing !!! :)


Je serai la première à trouver la réponse, comme un francophone de souche.

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