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[Immersion bug] Sentences broken into parts

I uploaded a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, and it seems to have broken individual sentences up into illogic translation parts.

F.ex. this sentence is broken into three parts:

"I do not" - "know what was in my bed, but I had something hard under me, and am all over" - "black and blue."

This clearly should have been one sentence.

The article is here:


Can this be fixed somehow - or can Duo team enable editing for the uploader.



November 27, 2013



Thanks for sharing the link! We parse these based on certain tags that our algorithm sees. We're going to take a look and see how we can better handle this.


This is also a real problem with dates in German. For example, "The 1st of December..." is written "Der 1. Dezember..." and DL invariably breaks the date into two "sentences."


Yes, this is a really frustrating problem especially since German word order is very different from English.

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