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  5. "прекрасный сад"

"прекрасный сад"

Translation:the beautiful garden

November 20, 2015



Can you sort of use прекрасный человек or is it always better to use красивый человек?


If you mean the person looks great, красивый is the one you should use. Прекрасный would be understood as "great person"


Sorry. And down the rabbit hole we go...

What would the difference be between великий, and прекрасный?


Великий does not mean "very good". It is about "greatness" in the meaning of being important, influential, prominent, innovative and leaving a great legacy.

For example, you can say that Shakespeare was a «великий» playwright because he was THE one most important playwright of the time, shaping what was after and still known today due to his influence on writing. You cannot say the same about the great film you saw yesterday, unless you are 100 % sure this film is historic, showing things to be understood and learnt from by all filmmamers of today. Typically, this can only be said in retrospect.


That make sense, thank you. But, and I might just be slow today, I still don't understand the difference between Прекрасный and великий.

You said "Прекрасный would be understood as "great person""

Maybe it was memrise, but I could have sworn there was a question in this course that translated "great person" to "великий человек".


English "great" has other meanings, too("very good", "remarkable", "superb").


You are correct, it was on this course that "великий человек". was set as a question and the answer was "great person" You pays your money and takes your chance! Great.


Why is "nice garden" considered wrong?


Because you can do better than that. Прекрасный means that it is cooler than just "nice", similarly to how "great" and "terrific" are more than just "good".


I had translated it as "perfect" in a previous response, and it said I was wrong and suggested "pretty." This time, I used "pretty," and it marked me wrong again, suggesting "lovely" or "beautiful."


So, why would Spectacular not be considered right?


Are you a developer of this app?


moderator for this course i believe


Could красный be used instead of прекрасный?


Not in the modern language. Nowadays красный only means "red" outside set expressions.


Thanks! So Moscow's Red Square couldn't be interpreted as beautiful square?


Historically it meant "beautiful". The name dates back to the 17th century.


shady arc how do you make the russian quotation marks? i cant figure out on the android keyboard


Beautiful can be translated as красивый.


Почему нельзя an amazing garden?


I had heard that Red Square was called so because of the word прекрасный. красный means red, and прекрасный means beautiful. So it would be Beautiful Square (прекрасный плошадь)


Originally, the word красный meant "beautiful"

The way the meaning transformed is easy to follow: "beautiful" becomes "striking, bright", then "vivid, having a bright colour", then just "red". It didn't have to go that way but it did. Nowadays the "beautiful" meaning can only be found in set expressions and aphorisms.


Why not огородь for garden?


Why is 'A beautiful garden' wrong?

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