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"Тогда на улице был сильный ветер."

Translation:There was a strong wind outside then.

November 20, 2015



I think "then there was a strong wind outside" should be accepted.


Agreed. I had the same thoughts


'outside there was a strong wind then', is marked wrong. I don't find any reason it should not be accepted.


What happened to "street"? Is "на улице" an idiom that can mean "outside" ?

[deactivated user]

    Right, «на у́лице» means 'outside'.


    Literally: "On the street(s)."


    But if it's literally "on the street", then why isn't on the street accepted? How would you say "there was a strong wind on the street then".


    First of all, if we mean it literally, we would say "in" the street in this case. I can't explain when we say "on" and when "in," but they are not necessarily interchangeable. Second, I think the point of so many of these sentences is to teach that на улице is an idiom that means outside or outdoors.


    It wouldn't accept "Outside it was very windy."


    Also, it wouldn't accept "It was very windy outside then." It offered the translation "It was a strong wind outside then."


    Well, "it was a strong wind outside then" is obviously nonsense, so that's weird. However, I would say that "windy" wasn't accepted because it is an adjective, so the grammar changes completely. The meaning is the same, but I think it is fair to reject sentences that have a different grammatical structure like this.


    also 'then outside there was a strong wind' should be accepted but was marked wrong


    When you use был, стал sometimes afterwards you use nominative case, sometimes instrumental, how do I know which one to use?


    What about a situation if you were on a ship or in a cabin on top of the mountain, would it be ok to say "на улице" for "outside" in that case as well?


    Using "then" is horrible grammar. English speakers would never say then in any context of this sentence.


    If anyone said this in English, people would look at them funny. It just sounds bad. Maybe because "outside" wouldn't be used because it is implied.


    What is wrong with, "There was a strong wind on the street then."?

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