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"Do you want to close the door?"

Translation:Vil du stenge døren?

November 20, 2015



I kinda wish the course would always use the feminine ending for feminine words even if it's uncommon to the dialect we are learning. I would then use them with the masculine ending of course but at least I would know what is feminine and what isn't.


In the "dialect" we use in the course very few words have feminine endings, of the few I remember is "øya og hylla", island and shelf. The standard is based on a dictionary/set of guidelines made by the news agency NTB, the result being a fairly conservative bokmål.

And to further complicate it it is allowed to write "en øy, øya", the masculine article for the indefinite form, and switching to the feminine ending in the definitive form.

Personally I choose feminine endings where they correspond with my dialect "døra, bikkja, dama, jenta, lua, gata, pakka" etc (door, dog, woman, girl, hat, road, package etc). But even I say "en bikkje"...


What’s the difference between døren and døra? They are both accepted as good answers.



It's a dialectical choice mostly, endings in -a are considered radical and informal and those in -en are considered more conservative and often get used by publishers and broadcasters


Tusen takk! Ha en lingot!


One is an explorer, I believe


"Stenge" and "lukke" are mostly synonymous?


Yes, mostly. "Stenge" has the added connotation of blocking, or also closing down.

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