"S'il te plaît"


January 8, 2013

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Is there a difference between "s'il te plait?" and "s'il vous plait?"


Politeness. Usually if you're talking to someone you don't know, or someone that deserves respect (ie and elder, a supervisor, your girlfriend's parents...) you would use "vous". If you're just talking to a buddy, you would use "te". Ditto for other situations. If you know the person use "tu" for you. If you don't know them or they're your boss, use "vous" for you. That's my take on it, but I'm not a native speaker.


You are right, but just one addition: "s'il vous plaît" is also adressed to several persons.


very helpful. I have read several comments offering an explanation of the difference but this is the only one that complies with duolingo usage that I have seen applied so far.


is this literally: if he pleases you?


If it pleases you.

"il" in this case means "it" "te" is the "you" part


The literal translation is: "If it pleases you." I put this as my answer and it registered as wrong. The "correct" answer is idiomatic: "if you please." But the former is not wrong.


FYI Also, the abbreviation of the phrase "s'il te plait" is S.T.P and for "s'il vous plait" S.V.P

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