"Please write with a pencil."

Translation:Пожалуйста, пишите карандашом.

November 20, 2015

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Why am I marked incorrect for using "с" before "карандашом"? When is it appropriate to use the prepositions, and when is it considered implied?


English phrases "to write with a pen", "to decorate with chocolate", "to repair with a screwdriver", etc. are often translated into Russian using the instrumental case. Essentially, the function of the preposition "with" in these cases is to deliver the same meaning as "by means of", "by the use of". That's what the instrumental case does in Russian, so "with" doesn't appear in the translation as a preposition.

"To write with a pen" = Писать ручкой

"To decorate with chocolate" = Украшать шоколадом

"To repair with a screwdriver" = Чинить/ремонтировать отверткой

There are seemingly identical cases where you will have to carry "with" into Russian translations:

"To play with children" = Играть с детьми

"To sigh with relief" = Вздохнуть с облегчением

We still use the instrumental case in the translations. However, in these cases "with" doesn't have the meaning of "by the use of", so we need the preposition; otherwise, the original meaning will be lost.

I hope this helps.


Sooo helpful!! Thank you so much! Have a lingot. =)


Is this word order incorrect or archaic? It was marked incorrect. Thanks. Пишите, пожалуйста, карандашом.

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    I believe this word order is correct. At least it sounds absolutely natural to me. Please report it.


    I'm a native speaker, and it is a completely normal and acceptable word order. If it's marked as incorrect, it should be reported.


    I think, it's the same as in the English course for Russian speakers: if it is natural, the word order shouln't be changed. But you still can report it :)


    Although I knew the "correct" answer used пишите, I tried напишите, but got marked wrong. Is it? I recall notes saying that a perfective is preferred for a positive imperative, but perhaps because this focuses on the process, imperfective is better? Native speaker?


    I agree, both пишите and напишите should be accepted here. They do bear slightly different meanings, at least the way I hear it as a native speaker. Пишите sounds like a generic request: "In general, please write with a pencil". Напишите sounds more like "Please write [this particular thing] with a pencil".


    Thanks, понятно!


    Пожалуйста, пиши ручкой. (Please write with a pen.)

    Пожалуйста, пишите карандашом. (Please write with a pencil.)

    WHY is "write" different for pen than for pencil?


    пиши is the form for: you write ( to a person of the same age etc.); пишите is the form for :You ( formal or plural) The "you or You" can be omitted because the verbform makes it clear what you mean.


    As far as I infer from the last three tasks, an action requiring a process without an obvious completion emphasised in the expression requires imperfective aspect while just like cooking/boiling a potato will have to be finished completely, which is why we are needed to use perfective aspect here. That is how I made it out

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