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  5. "Look what I have!"

"Look what I have!"

Translation:Смотри, что у меня есть!

November 20, 2015



Смотри что у меня?


I want to know this too


I got that rejected too. From what i understood, есть is needed when the emphasis of the sentence is on the possession, which seems to be the case here.


Yes, it's correct and should be accepted


Смотрите, что у меня есть was marked incorrect. Should it be reported or is there some reason I'm missing that this is incorrect? Thanks.


It's accepted now. But next time if there's a formal variation of an informal sentence (and vice versa) that you think should be accepted, please do report it; we'll be more likely to see it that way. :)

[deactivated user]

    I believe this should be reported.


    I really hope the dev team is also looking at the discussion threads because there are quite a few instances like this (the course being in beta and all) which I didn't report because I was unsure. I'm trying to power through the course so many of these I wouldn't be coming back to for a while..

    [deactivated user]

      I think they do: JanisaChatte and Shady_Arc answer quite a lot of questions here. However, it wouldn't hurt to report a sentence if you get it to make sure it's noticed.


      Смотри то, что у меня есть?


      Why "смотри что есть у меня" is incorrect?


      I would also like to know why "смотри что есть у меня" is incorrect.


      Посмотри, что у меня есть! - wrong...


      It's accepted that now.


      would it be wrong to use посмотри in this?


      Why not "то, что"?


      Apparently, there's a problem with the programming for transliteration. It's not accepting soft sign (') or hard sign (") characters. I have reported the issue.


      "Смотри что я имею"?


      how write "est" ??? all my answer are wrong ! but I have not the good answer...Help, please


      Je repose ma question en français, je maîtrise trop mal l'anglais! je ne sais pas écrire en alphabet non cyrillique le mot russe "est". Toutes mes propositions sont refusées, et je ne peux pas avancer dans la leçon. Si quelqu'un a léa solution...merci d'avance.


      Je ne connais pas la réponse à ta question, mais je te la traduis, tu auras peut-être plus d'aide comme ça : (translation of their question) "I don't know how to write есть with the latin alphabet. All my answers were refused and I cannot carry on with the lesson without it. Could someone help me ?"


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