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"Write slowly; I do not understand anything."

Translation:Пиши медленно, я ничего не понимаю.

November 21, 2015



please explain to me what is wrong with "Пиши медленно, я не понимаю ничего"


Жаловался уже несколько раз, но до сих пор не принимает этот ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ответ - 5 июля 2018


И после почти целого года этот ответ всё ещё не принимается! >:(

23 мая 2019 - сообщала

Теперь я должна начать урок занова... :'( А зря!


People speake both. It is mistake here


As if writing more slowly would help understand :-D I love sentences like this


Maybe if he writes slowly, it could be easier to read better handwritting ;)


"пиши медленно, я не понимаю ничего" And it was not accepted.


Yes, you can say like this. But word order like " я не понимаю ничего"- it's more for english and other european languages. Russian, ukrainian can use these words order too, but in common life we are using more often "я ничего не понимаю". Also more specific russian word when you want to ask somebody to do something slower will be "помедленнее" (Slow down)


I don't know if this is the correct place, but every time I heard someone ask to do something slower, they always used the 'по' prefix.

As in говорите помедленнее. Пишите помедленнее.

Lol. Now granted this was 25 years ago and talking with fairly old people... Just wondering if times have changed; thanks in advance.


Welp. As a native speaker i found out that i can't even hear my language and my word order is not correct. That's the news.


Порядок слов в русском может быть разный, суть предложения не меняется. Главное - ваша интонация


How can someone see what i'm writing if they are recitin and i am writing. I think this should been the other way around, wouldn't you say.


"Пишите медленно; я нечего не понимаю" is rejected, reported. I assume I'm right, but a bit surprised it wasn't DL's most preferred answer. After all, the situation could easily involve someone other than a familiar friend!!


Looking at my own comment 3 months later, I realize used нечего rather than ничего. I'm guessing this is a problem, but still pretty shaky about the distinction...

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