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  5. "Мені теж..." or "Я... теж"?


"Мені теж..." or "Я... теж"?

If I was going to say something like, "I didn't go to school as well/too/also/either", would I say мені теж or я... теж. For example which one would be correct?

Я не пішов в школу теж

Мені теж пішов в школу.

November 21, 2015



Think about what question you're answering, and it should give you the necessary clues.

  • Я живу в Англії. - Я теж!
  • Мене звуть Боб - Мене теж!
  • Мені холодно - Мені теж!

etc. Does that help? Ясно? It's the simplest way I can think of to work it out!


Я теж не пішов в школу. That would be the correct one.

If you're trying to use "Мені теж..." you could phrase it like this: "Мені теж не прийшлось іти в школу"


I wondered about that too sometimes :), it depends on the correct grammar of the language. Sorry I cant answer your question though. I speak Russian, and i quit learning Ukrainian because gosh...Ukrainian and Russian were too alike, and I got confused with them both!


Yes finally someone understands what I'm trying to say! Thank you!


Not sure why your question was downvoted, must be kids...


Okay I just don't know if I could use both of them or not but thanks for at least looking at my post but not giving feedback. :(


Think of теж as replacing parts of a sentence in parentheses: Я ( не пішов у школу), so теж refers to something in the nominative case, otherwise it won't make sense grammatically. If the sentence were Їй (не подобається читати), then you'd say Мені теж since it referring to something in the dative case.

In English we say me too, her too, him too, etc regardless of what the original sentence is. Ukrainian doesn't do that. Plug it into the original sentence in English and you get an idea of what it sounds like to a Ukrainian speaker "Me/her/him too don't go to school", a little Tarzanish.


Кому? (Whom?) Мені - давальний відмінок (dative)

Кого? (Whom?) Мене - родовий відмінок (genitive)

Хто? (Who?) Я - називний відмінок (nominative)

Я живу в Києві. - Хто живе в Києві? - Я. (nominative)

Мене звуть Марк. - Кого звуть Марк? - Мене. (genitive)

Мені холодно. - Кому холодно? - Мені. (dative)

You may to type Я here: http://lcorp.ulif.org.ua/dictua/ and to see the declension of the word. May also read here: http://ukrainiangrammar.com/


Я теж.(that is enough - you shouldn`t say Я теж не пішов в школу - Я теж will be enough)


Actually, I am a native speaker, so if you have any questiones, feel free to contact me)

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