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  5. "Do you have a pencil?"

"Do you have a pencil?"

Translation:У тебя есть карандаш?

November 21, 2015



Why карандаш and not карандаша???


Because it needs to be in the nominative case. It is always "у (genitive) есть (nominative)"


Isn't genitive " караидаша " ?


The genitive is карандаша but in this sentence you need to use nominative case for pencil.


can you explain why? i don't understand why it isn't genitive here.


Because it needs to be in the nominative case. It is always "у (genitive) есть (nominative)"


Pencil is the subject. The possessor takes the genetive, not the thing possessed.

It's like English: "Susie's pencil." Susie, the possesser, gets the possessive.


ты есть карандаша?


No, you need у тебя есть... = "By you is/exists..." = "You have...."

Your sentence means, I believe, "You exist pencil" - doesn't make any sense in Russian or English.


Actually у вас also is correct. Вас or вы is for either plurals or a person that you respect, for older people or at work, so it is correct. I am half russian


У вас is marked wrong


Is it wrong that I'm unable to cut out "есть" in this sentence?


What do you mean with "unable to cut out"? It is part of the sentence, so it should be present, should it not be?


yeah, but by hearing natives speak I'm pretty sure you can just say "У тебя карандаш?". Other questions like this let me cut out the "есть" too.


As far as I can tell, this is because, in this question, the existence of a pencil is being questioned. If you know there are pencils and want to know if someone specific has one, then that might allow you to cut it, or colloquial speech allows for this 'laziness'. Duo tries to teach you 'proper' Russian, so the complete sentence is given.

If you know natives don't use the full version, you are free to do the same in speech, but in writing (or at least here on Duolingo), I'd suggest sticking to the formal/full versions of the sentence.


That would probably be best


I've been getting really mixed signals from Duo about using/not using есть in sentences like this. There is not context provided, hence both possibilities you set out are "correct", and у тебя карандаш ought to be accepted.

I'm reporting it as an acceptable answer, so I suppose we'll see what happens.

[deactivated user]

    So it is У тебя есть карандаш because in this kind of sentence the pencil is nominative, but У тебя нет карандаша because the negative always uses genitive...do I have that right?

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