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Russian for Mobile

Hey , guys! You know when the course of Russian will be available for Duolingo application?


November 21, 2015



Go to your computer and study Russian. Leave it set to Russian. Go to mobile. When it says the language you're learning isn't there and to choose another one, hit your back button. You should then have the Russian course for mobile.


I do the same thing XD

Hey congrats on the streak too - very impressive!

2 lingots for you


Did not work for my Android tablet. Pressing back brings the list of suggested courses again and again.


It's been wonkier the last couple of days, takes me several tries. I'm on android as well. It usually works if I can manage to quickly hit the strengthen skill button before the list of suggested courses pops back up.


Doesn't work every time.


A course is added to the mobile app when it reaches a certain level of stability. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I think it's something about fewer than X number of reports per 100 users a week.

The mods may be able to say what the figures currently are, but I don't think anyone can give an actual date when the stability will get to those levels.

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