"Твой костюм висит в шкафу."

Translation:Your suit is hanging in the wardrobe.

November 21, 2015

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Why is "cupboard" not allowed for "шкаф"?

Here in Scotland, you can easily hang clothes in a cupboard, but you tend to fold clothes and put them in the wardrobe.


Not only Scotland! In South Africa, cupboard is used as a general term for fixtures or wardrobe. Clothes and cups both hang in the cupboard :/


Do they put cups in the wardrobe in Scotland? :)


I hear in the US people asking for the bathroom don't want to take a bath.


why acc though? i'd expect it to be prep since it doesn't indicate direction (unless it's just smth unique to this verb)


This actually is prepositional; шкаф takes an irregular conjugation, just like floor, пол. Кошка лежит на полу. The cat lays on the floor.


No, the prepositional of шкаф is шкафе. "Я говорю о шкафе" = "I am talking about the wardrobe". Шкафу with stress on the final у is locative. There are a few nouns where the prepositional and locative cases do not coincide. Шкаф is one of those nouns.


Cat lies on the floor ...


The cat "lies" on the floor. The verb is intranstive. The chicken "lays" eggs. I lay


The cat "lies" on the floor. The verb is intranstive. The chicken "lays" eggs. I "lay" the table. This is the transitive form.


I've been living in Russia for a while and shkaf is a word that my expat community uses in English... It took me a moment to figure out what real English word to use, haha!


No-one would use 'cabinet' in normal English, unless the suit was in a glass display cabinet (for example in a shop window). It would be wardrobe or cupboard.


why "in the closet" wasn't accepted?


It's accepted now. Thanks for reporting! :)


What about "cupboard"? I have never used "cabinet"for шкаф


Why is cupboard not accepted?


Clearly, nobody can hear this stupid "B"


Why can't we use present sipmle here?

  • (Looking into the empty wardrobe) Honey, where is my suit?
  • You know, it hangs in our wardrobe... Usually.
  • But it's not there... and where is it now?


"it's hanging in the wardrobe" sounds better than "it hangs in the wardrobe"


"Your suit is on the wardrobe" not accepted 09/20, do you know why ?


"... on the wardrobe" means you placed is on top of the wardrobe, instead of hanging it inside.


The suit is hanging. It could have been placed, set, left crumpled ... on the wardrobe or basically on any horizontal surface however since it is hanging, it is doing that from, on, in, or beside something.


Why is "your suit hangs in the wardrobe" not accepted?


It is accepted. Perhaps you made a typo when answering.


Can someone describe to me (an American) the physical properties of a шкаф?

To me a wardrobe is a walk-in closet (though i guess it's also a large dresser-like piece of furniture with doors, like in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe")

And a cupboard is just a small cabinet.


"Шкаф" is a an umbrella term encompassing all types of "boxes with doors" that are designed to keep things in them. Both "a wardrobe" and "a cupboard" are essentially "шкаф". If you want to be more specific "a wardrobe" is "гардероб" or "платяной шкаф" and "a cupboard" can be called "шкаф для посуды", "шкафчик", "буфет" or something else, depending on context. But note that all of those alternative terms are less common in regular speech than simply calling all of those things "шкаф".


What about cabinets and drawers?


Ok, I tried to answer that, but I realized I'm not entirely sure about the exact meanings of all of those terms in English. Let me just describe the Russian terms:

If it's tall and has doors it's "Шкаф":

If it's about waist height, has drawers and stands in a bedroom or a living room it's "Комод":

If it's small and is usually placed near a bed it's "тумбочка":

There is some overlap between a short "шкаф"/"шкафчик" and "комод" if it has doors, but if it consists entirely of drawers it's definitely "комод". Also, if it hangs on the wall it can't be "комод". "Комод" has to stand on the floor.


"Your suite is hanging on the wardrobe" not accepted because of voice typing.


That is because a suite is a room and a suit is clothing. Voice typing is problematic. You really need to double check what is being entered before you commit your answer.

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