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"Я знаю, что солнце очень горячее."

Translation:I know that the sun is very hot.

November 21, 2015



Then you should have told Icarus!


I thought горячий referred to foods and жаркий to weather... or does горячий apply when you're saying a specific item is hot and жаркий is referring to the climate?


The second is right. In contemporary use жаркий (short form жарко) is used to describe weather, air temperature and how you feel (for example, if в комнате жарко, you might consider opening a window or going outside to a more chilly place).

Горячий is used to describe the temperature of an object.


then maybe if you're saying the sun is горячий it's hot at its surface whereas харкий would mean it's emitting heat that's reached Earth?


It is specifically about what you can feel. Жаркое солнце is the kind of weather when it is sunny and hot.


She speaks ''горячиЙ''


Why no "I know THAT sun is very hot?"


Because it must be "THE sun" here


I wrote "I know that the son is very hot." and it wasn't accepted. :(


[edit] 3 months later... did it again... do not ask me why... [/edit]


Because 'son' and 'sun' are two different things. Only 'sun' is correct here.


If I hadn't ignored the comma placement in this sentence I would not have guessed the answer on this phrase.


The comma placement in this sentence is nothing to write home about.


i dont believe them


Oh you do? How hot is it then?

"Very hot".


After a year, I still do not find new russian vocab can be transcribed. So the method of 'fail first' must be employed.


Горячие was accepted as correct. Why?


That just... isn't a word, so it might not be mistaken as some amateur not knowing endings in certain cases/the plural and just maybe not thinking of what one's writing/knowing the correct spelling.


It wasn't even marked as a spelling mistake.


About "очень": I think of it as a general enlargement modifier, and as so, something that can be translated to a veriaty of similar words in english, not just "very". In this sentence I tried to test it, by using "extremely", but got rejectem. Am I wrong, or did I just used a word the creators haven't considered?

(Probably it was adressed in one of the many opportunities before, but I don't know where to look.)


I think, right now only "very" and "really" fit that niche in English. "Extremely", "terribly", "immensly", "tremendously" are all nice but очень is a basic intensifier, not a colourful word you use when "very" does not cut it.

As "very" falls out of use another will appear over time.

It is similar to how "good" means roughly the same as "awesome" but you would not treat them the same (at least, if the language you speak lets you express different degrees of awesomeness).

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