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a pleasant surprise on the progress test

This was an unexpected success which has very much brightened my morning... I knew it was going well when it kept throwing sentences at me from the end of the tree, but I really didn't expect this;

say what now heyyyyy

Now, I'm 99.99% certain that 5/5 doesn't mean I got everything right, because there were a couple of things that were pure guesswork. I got 5/5 on the EO test when I hadn't even finished the tree. I almost wish Duolingo would save a score of 5 for absolute perfection not missing a thing.

However... I am of course pretty thrilled to get 5 :D:D:D does happy dance

I wish I had kept track of when exactly I took the second progress test; I'm pretty sure it was not a whole two weeks ago. The first one was from when I hadn't even started the tree or done the placement test. I think the second was maybe around the third checkpoint?

Now I need to practise a bunch and gather all my confidence up to go lurk and post in the Russian Duolingo forums a bit more...

November 21, 2015



Мои поздравления! Отличная работа! :D


Спасибо! Я очень счастлива!



Отличный результат. Ждем вас в русскоязычной ветке форума.


спасибо :) и ладно!


Здорово, поздравляю!


Congrats. But did you get perfect? I ask because I took a spanish test getting a few wrong and still got 5.0/5.0 and wanted to know if that's a glitch or not.


Thanks :) My experience suggests you don't have to get every question right to get 5. I got a 5 in Esperanto too before I even finished the tree.




поздравляю! I think I spelled that right for once. :-) Gratuluje!


You did! Молодец! И спасибо :)


Yay! Now, what does Молодец mean? Google Translate, here I come!


And пожаловать! (Was that the right word?)


I just looked it up, because I was curious about the etymology - unfortunately I'm tired and headache-y, so I'm relying on wiktionary, and most of the info is only in Russian, and I'm tiiiiired.

However, it does appear that that пожалуй part of please is indeed an imperative form of пожаловать, and that ста is a grammatical particle of some kind, and пожалуйста seems to be from an old fashioned construction (but the explanations for that were in Russian, and my grammatical Russian is shaky even on good days!). Apparently Pushkin used it. And then at that point my brain went NO STAAAHP. So I did. LOL.

But the short version is you're not nearly as far off as you might have thought, plus you prodded me to figure out something I've been meaning to look up for an age (what добро пожаловать means literally) and pointed out a link between the two words I've never noticed before! Спасибо :D


Sorry about your headache.

So with пожалуйста I'm ordering you to be welcome? :-)

Now if I can only get my brain to remember the right word instead of the Google Translate word...


Do you mean пожалуйста, which is please and can be used as 'you're welcome'?

Добро пожаловать means welcome [to this place]. Though I think I've never seen them written down in close proximity before, because I've never noticed the similarity till now!


Yeah, I did. I knew getting согласна was a one off. :-) I blame Google Translate for sticking the wrong word in my head.



You may need to cut and paste because Duolingo does not like links with Cyrillic.

It seems like they come from different meanings of the word. I figured it was easier just to give you the page, because my brain is mush!


Огромное спасибо! Aren't brains usually some kind of mush? Except for the rocks, I suppose.


Something like "Well done!" / "Good job!", only it is a word for a person (i.e., "молоде́ц" is a person who did that good job).


So you would never use молодец for something other than a person? What would you use in that case?


Ah. Yeah, you can do it for pets, too. I mean, they do not actually care or understand you but if you treat them as if they did, you do talk to them accordingly.


Why would you need to praise an unperson? They do not deserve it.


Maybe a pet? For instance, if your dog obeyed you, and you wanted to praise it?


So you would use молодец for that as well? If for some reason, you wanted to praise an unperson, what would you use (even if they don't deserve it)?


Поздравляю тебе! Ты молодец :)

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