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"У нас в университете сильный физический факультет."

Translation:Our university has a strong Physics Department.

November 21, 2015



Could you accept this? "We have a strong physics department in our university."


For my understanding, translated from Russian it will be more like "We have a strong physical faculty in our university". Never heard it used that way. Maybe more correct version would be " у нас в университете сильный факультет физики". just my opinion, correct me if I'm wrong


Yours truly has graduated from «физический факультет», not from a «факультет физики».


I'm just concerned that the meanings of "Physics" and "physical" are the same here, meanwhile in Russian I've never met these words using the same definition, especially when it's about faculties, classes, etc


Couldn't this be also translated as "in the university we have a strong physics department"?

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