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  5. "There is loud music there."

"There is loud music there."

Translation:Там громкая музыка.

November 21, 2015



why громкая музыка там is wrong?


I ran into the same problem. I think that громкая музыка там means "the loud music is over there". Placing the там at the end changes the stress to this meaning.


I think you're absolutely right


Actually no ... That would be вот там.


Is it wrong to say, "там есть громкая музыка"?


In the present tense the verb 'быть' is usually omitted, but it's obligatory in the past tense.
The Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero_copula


I understood that when existence was the question that есть was used. Maybe existence isn't the question here, but rather its loudness. So would есть be necessary in this sentence-- Там есть музыка?


Там играет громкая музыка. - You should say it this way.


it's telling me that I've made a typo on 'muzyka' where I obviously haven't as it's the same as the correct translation?


If you typed "muzyka" then it is wrong. The correct word in Russian is "музыка".


Except I wasn't using the Cyrillic keyboard, and the non-cyrillic translation says muzyka? "Tam gromkaya muzyka."


I didn't think that duolingo accepted non-cyrillic answers to items you are supposed to answer in Russian. Instructions are given on how to add a cyrillic keyboard mapping with each such questions.


It's been accepting non-cyrillic answers for me without telling me I have typos until recently - I can't change the keyboard settings on the university computers that I use for my duolingo :(


Just curious. How do you handle cyrillic characters like "ы" " ж" that don't have corresponding keys on an English keyboard? BTW, iI can understand whyyour university doesn't allow you to change keyboard language mappings. They are probably afraid that you will leave them changed and then the next person to use the computer will be confused and not know what to do.


However, there may be a solution to your problem if you would prefer to type in cyrllic. duolingo hasn't provided an internal onscreen cyrillic keyboard, but I believe there are programs that will create one for you.

Here is one http://russian.typeit.org/ unfortunately, you will have to type the text on the russian.typeit.org tab and copy the result to the duolingo.com tab.

Another with more options is http://winrus.com/keyboard.htm, but you still have to type in its tab,copy and then paste in duoling's.

In fact there are many such sites, but they all appear to use the type in on the programs tab, copy, then paste in duolingo's


rwhaller42, one can use the Latin/Cyrillic toggle at upper left to switch between alphabets. Obviously everyone urges using cyrillic if possible.

Another option is Google Translate, where one can type romanized Russian and have it automatically convert to cyrillic (sometimes not accurately, but generally well enough to be useful).


There is a website called type Russian letters. You can type the answers out there, using the kryllyk alphabet, and then copy and paste it into Duolingo. since it opens in a browser window there shouldn't be any issue with you using it on your University computer.


There is loud music there :-D Im not saying that its necessarily wrong, but would be better "The music is loud there"?


Why is находится wrong?

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