"There is loud music there."

Translation:Там громкая музыка.

November 21, 2015

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why громкая музыка там is wrong?


I ran into the same problem. I think that громкая музыка там means "the loud music is over there". Placing the там at the end changes the stress to this meaning.


How so?

I keep hearing this idea, but the two sentences (1. There is loud music there, 2. Loud music is there) mean exactly the same thing in my mind. Half the time, it actually makes sense for the position to change the meaning a bit, but this makes no difference in English to me.

Does it mean something different in Russian? Does putting там first put emphasis on the location? On the fact that we're talking about loud music?

How does the meaning change?


Im not sure how it sounds in Russian, but its a bit strange in English. Ie: someone asks Why don't you like it there? I would answer Because there's loud music there. Would you say Because loud music is there? Sounds like a foreigner, although it would be understood . With там at the end of the Russian sentence it also sounds foreign to me. Locations usually go at the beginning and new info at the end. Here, the new info is loud music. Громкая музыка там, to me answers Where can i find loud music? Oh, the loud music is over there, (not here). Naive speakers is this right?


But English doesn't have the pattern of putting more important information later in the sentence like Russian, right?


Is it wrong to say, "там есть громкая музыка"?


In the present tense the verb 'быть' is usually omitted, but it's obligatory in the past tense.
The Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero_copula


I understood that when existence was the question that есть was used. Maybe existence isn't the question here, but rather its loudness. So would есть be necessary in this sentence-- Там есть музыка?


Там играет громкая музыка. - You should say it this way.


How come that "там есть громкая музыка" is wrong for "there is loud music there"? Why is the use of "есть" incorrect here?


Is it wrong to say, "там есть громкая музыка"?


I have the same question. There were several sentences in previous lessons where the correct answer started with "здесь есть ..." and now with там it's incorrect?


It's not about там or здесь. It's about whether to use есть. Есть is unnecessary here. When the noun has a descriptive adjective, it usually will not need it as as the music's existence is not being emphasized. Without the adjective loud it would be used (там есть музыка), ( yes there IS music there.) If it's not emphasizing it's existence it's not always needed. I'm sure someone can give a clearer explanation!


Thanks, that's helpful.


There is loud music there :-D Im not saying that its necessarily wrong, but would be better "The music is loud there"?


Why is находится wrong?


Why 2 times "there" ?


The first would mean 'exists' and the second would be a location.

'There is/exists a over there/in that place'


Есть громкая музыка там - incorrect

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