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  5. "Там громкая музыка."

"Там громкая музыка."

Translation:There is loud music there.

November 21, 2015



why one "there" is not enough?


Там громкая музыка ‧ Music there is loud. ‧ [ Loud music is there ‧ DL accepted ]

[ Там громкая музыка ‧ There is loud music there. ] The double alliterative instances of the same word in the sentence which have different meanings is awkward, not unlike: ‧ I'll get to two toile tools Tuesday too. ‧

Translation Horrors: [ There, there, then; their loud music is there, there and there. ]

[ Там громкая музыка ‧ There is loud music there. ] is an example of word-for-word approach not working well. Zero copula instances suit exploiting the target language grammatical agility to compose a natural expression which preserves semantic idea harmony instead of grammatical structural word-for-word, case-for-case, fidelity in the translation.

[ Here / There is / are ( something is present, does exist, is evident ) ] is an English phrase frequently used to translate the Russian zero copula present tense verb to be. Whenever a Russian zero copula sentence contains a word which translates to the English word [ here / there - locational adverb ] some linguistic agility is required to eliminate a sentence translated into English with double [ here-here ] [ there - there ] instances.



As a native speaker, I can blame this on English being stupid, not Russian.


Is "There is a loud music" wrong?


Loud music is there. How is that incorrect?


I put "The loud music is there" and got it wrong.


Do you think "there is loud music there" and "loud music is there" convey the same information?


"The music is loud there" "The music there is loud" "There, the music is loud" None of these are accepted. Maybe Duo cannot hear us over the sound of it. :v


Better would be, "there is loud music over there", or would that translate differently into Russian?


"There, the music is loud" is not correct?


No, in Russia music is always and everywhere noisy.


Do you see any difference between "there" and "over there"?

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