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Russian language course

I can not do the Russian language course because some of the letters they are expecting me to use are not part of my Russian keyboard. I am getting these answers wrong purely because the letters they are expecting me to use are not available on my keyboard. I just got this keyboard a few months ago. It is through Google available for my Android phone. Did they put out an incorrect keyboard or is the lesson put together wrong? I do not know enough about Russian to know. Love to get some help. I just want to learn. Thanks!

November 21, 2015



You could be using the Ukrainian keyboard. They are almost exactly the same alphabet but not entirely.


Agreed, could be some other Slavic keyboard or maybe just incomplete Russian keyboard


Which keyboard did you install where--did you get it from Google?

Or show us what your rows of keys looks like, if you can print them. Print out the 4 rows of keys from top to bottom. Maybe that will help someone figure it out.

On some keyboards some of the keys take two keystrokes. For instance, ш could be sh. Is that so with your keyboard?


There are several different versions of the Russian alphabet. I know the one on amazon kindle, which is basically android, works okay.

ы э are used in Russian but not Ukrainian. і and its variation ї and є г are in Ukrainian but not Russian. I think those are the main differences? I know on some of the keys on the Ukrainian keyboard, if you press and hold є и you can get access to э ы.

It does sound like you might have the wrong Cyrillic keyboard installed.


That's not really possible.


ЙЦУКЕН is the keyboard you should be using for this course. Which letter(s) are you missing?

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In case someone wondered what a "genuine" keyboard looks like, here is the one I've been using for years: ShadyArc's keyboard

The part with the layout:


Any Russian ЙЦУКЕН keyboard will look like that, more or less. Note that Ё is to the left of the 1 key (a portable device will usually have it as a variant Е, only with diacritics), and you do not have to use it in our course.

Are you SURE this layout is what you have?


Thanks for telling me about the é being about stressing sounds. I think that has really cleared things up for me. Thanks again!


-Ukrainian Language Course- I have a comment to leave about the Ukrainian language course;but since I can not seem to start a new discussion, I will write here. I have been doing great and had no problems until now. I am level 6, so I have made it quite far without problems. I thought that after getting this far, I probably won't have problems. I was wrong. It is only one word translating weird and telling me the correct answer that I learned is wrong. It doesn't do it all the time. Sometimes it says that I am right. The supposedly correct answer it is showing when it says that I am wrong is just a jumble of letters. It means nothing. I can not remember for sure but it is a mix of hvryavryas. I hate to think it might be a translation error. Maybe just a computer error. I am just a little frustrated. I was just starting to understand the alphabet and translating better. Please help! Thanks! : (/: )


There are issues with Ukrainian course presently and developers are nowhere to be found but that doesn't mean that you didn't make some kind of mistake. Try to post in Ukrainian forum there are a few very knowledgable and helpful folks who could give you assistance. Or shoot me a message :) I'm not that advanced in the technical stuff when it comes to Ukrainian but I could always try my best to help you out

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