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  5. "Bølgene slår mot stranden."

"Bølgene slår mot stranden."

Translation:The waves are hitting against the beach.

November 21, 2015



There's a lot of other verbs that go with the action of waves on the beach (pound, crash) which could go here but don't seem to be accepted... are there other verbs in Norwegian which would correspond better to those? (I suppose slår might go with the weaker break/hit, and something else with pound/crash.)


These are the accepted Norwegian sentences. I'm not really sure how common these are, or if some are even used... (I don't know a lot about beaches :)

  • Bølgene slår mot stranden.

  • Bølgene slår opp mot stranden.

  • Bølgene slår inn mot stranden.

  • Bølgene bryter mot stranden.

  • Bølgene bryter opp mot stranden.

  • Bølgene bryter inn mot stranden.


I would say "Bølgene slår mot stranden" is by far the most usual and versatile of these sentences. And "slår" can be used no matter the force of the wind, I would say. If it is more of a rolling movement (shallow water) use "bølgene ruller inn mot stranden"


Hvilke av disse er de sterkeste uttrykkene og hvilke er ikke så sterke? Eller er de omtrent det samme?


sterkest? as in the biggest wave?


Yes, why isn't 'crash' accepted?


I don't think that I've ever heard of waves hitting against a beach. They can only hit against something steep, such as rocks or a sea wall.


I don't think UK English can say "hitting against"; it sounds most odd. Hit is transitive. You could say "striking against" but not "hitting against".


Aren't waves "breaking on (or towards) the beach" rather than awkwardly hitting against the beach ? That's what surfers say i think.


I put "The waves hit on the beach" refused ?

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