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"Verdens sterkeste kvinne er ganske sterk."

Translation:The world's strongest woman is quite strong.

November 21, 2015



Redundant statement is redundant.


wow, really? i never would have guessed...


Why we use here "sterkeste" instead of "sterkest"? We add the 'e' in the end of the word when there's talking about the plural form, right? So why here?


As you know, adjectives with indefinites don't require an e on the end:
En hvit katt er søt.

On the other hand, adjectives with possessives function the same as with definites, e.g.,
The white cat is cute. - Den hvite katten er søt.
Her white cat is cute. - Hennes hvite katten er søt.
The family's white cat is cute. - Familiens hvite katten er søt.


One question : How do you type bold letters ?


Place two asterisks on either side of the word(s) you want to bold. :0)


I can try to answer.

In Norwegian, after a possesive (my, shcool's, the world's) an adjective gets plural ending. a bit like in double deffinites.

here are some examples from what we already covered:

my sweet child - Mitt søtte barn He is the school's most popular teacher - Han er skolens mest populære lærer

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